Club News

11th of May - 24th of May

Eastern Counties Cat Society

Championship Show August 4th

Classes 548, 549 are now being Judged by Mrs D Brown

Show Manager Audrey Newsome

Cheshire Area Cat Club

Cheshire Area Cat Club Committee wish to advise all Members, Show Managers and Judges that Mrs Margaret Walkden has resigned her position as Chairperson, Show Manager and GCCF Delegate.

All correspondence should be sent to the Hon Secretary, Mrs Ann Mullen, Broadway, 6 Elm Croft, Mancot, Deeside, North Wales CH5 2BZ.

Ann G. Mullen, Hon Secretary

Would Show Support Secretaries and potential exhibitors please note that I am no longer the Show Manager of the Cheshire Area Cat Club.
Please forward all correspondence to the Secretary. Thank you.
Margaret Walkden

Chocolate Pointed Siamese Cat Club

Unfortunately, an error has occurred in the recent Newsflash sent out with the AGM papers. It should have read as follows:
Judges for the Chocolate Pointed Siamese Cat Club for the year 2002 are hoped to be Mrs Di Brown, Mrs Brenda Pearce, Mrs Norma Farnsworth, Mrs Pat Neale, Mrs Lynda Studer, Mrs Nancy Rolls, Mrs Jean Murchison, Mrs Janet Starr and Mrs Jackie Reed.

The winning exhibits at the Chocolate Pointed Siamese Cat Club Show on Saturday, 10 March, 2001, were as follows:
BIS Male Kitten - Abicasa Bramble Bear (24b), Breeder/Owner Dr F. Martin.
BIS Female Kitten, Overall Best Kitten and Best Exhibit - Tigermoon Wynterspice (24b), Breeder/Owner Mrs D. Pryor-Collins.
BIS Male Adult - Ch Midamyst Cloudberry (32/8), Breeder Mrs J. Bright, Owner Mrs D. Clarke.
BIS Female Adult and Overall Best Adult - Ch Foxtwist Carismajic (32b8), Breeder Mrs S. Snaith, Owners Mr & Mrs Blackshaw.
BIS Male Neuter & Overall Best Neuter - Gr Pr Loluja Sudden Impact (32a), Breeder Mrs G. Sidnell, Owner Mr & Mrs White.
BIS Female Neuter - Pr Aerangis Petronella (32/1), Breeders Mr & Mrs S. Haywood, Owner Dr S. Reed.

Pennie Bennison, Hon Secretary

Exotic Shorthair Cat Society

Our AGM was held on 8 April, 2001, which was reasonably well attended.

The Officers and Committee for the year are as follows: President - Mr Gordon Butler; Chairman - Miss Carole Webb; Vice-Chairman - Mr John Walker; Treasurer - Mr Stuart McEwen; Secretary/ Membership - Mrs Barbara McEwen; Welfare Co-ordinator - Mrs Sue Carpenter; Cup & Show Support Secretary - Mr Jerry Munroe; Minutes Secretary - Mrs Janet Gee; Journal Editor - Mrs Chrissi Carpenter; Kitten Register - Mr Jerry Munroe. Committee - Mrs Julie Bevis, Mrs Mary Rollerson, Mrs Louvane Stevenson, Mr Ed Merchant. GCCF Delegates - Mr John Walker and Miss Carole Webb. BAC Delegates - Mrs Chrissi Carpenter, Mrs Janet Gee, Mr Stuart McEwen, Mrs Barbara McEwen and Mrs Louvane Stevenson. Reserves are Mrs Mary Rollerson and Mr Ed Merchant. Show Manager - Mr Stuart McEwen. Asst Show Manager - Mr John Walker.

A raffle was held and £48 was raised towards Club funds.

Any Members with kittens for sale, please let our National Kitten Register Co-ordinator, Jerry Munroe, know, as the register is rather depleted at the moment. His phone number is (01400) 282393.

This is the final reminder for items for the June Newsletter. Chrissi Carpenter is waiting for all your contributions. Please send them NOW! Adverts £10 full page, £1 extra for each photo. Chrissi’s address is 28 Pound Lane, Sutton-in-the-Isle, Ely, Cambs CB6 2PR.

Kay Merrell and Barbara McEwen will be holding their July Special Party again this year to raise funds for our 1st Championship Show. Watch this space for further details.

A reminder to those who still haven’t paid their subscriptions, which were due on 1 January. These should be paid without delay. Single £5.50, Joint £7.50, Junior if 50% of single. Please send them to Mrs B. McEwen, The Cottage Cattery, Mill Road, West Walton, Nr Wisbech, Cambs PE14 7EU.

On behalf of the Officers and Committee, may I wish all our Members a happy and successful year and look forward to seeing more good quality Exotics on the show bench.

Barbara McEwen (Mrs), Hon Secretary/Membership Secretary

The Lancashire Cat Club

The Officers and Committee of the Club wish to invite Members and friends to a Social Evening, to be held in the Restaurant at The Forum, Civic Centre, Wythenshawe, Manchester on Wednesday, 27 June, 2001, commencing at 8pm.

Our guest speaker for the evening will be Miss A. J. Hogan BVMS MRCVS, who will be giving a talk on ‘Vetting-in at Shows’. There will also be a question and answer session. Please support your Club and come along on the first of many social events.

For further details, please contact me on 01663 742344 or e-mail
Carole Skilton, Hon Secretary

Wyvern Cat Club

The Wyvern Cat Club would like to ensure that its Members are aware of the Monthly Events that are to take place between now and December.

17th May - A quiz evening with Elspeth Litchfield. The Cat of the Month has yet to be decided.

21st June - The subject is “The Tellington Touch”, a method of deepening your relationship with your animal, and helping with common problems. The Cat of the Month should ideally be one with a timid disposition. Do you have such an animal? If so, contact the Secretary and we will arrange for him/her to be brought along.

19th July - The topic for tonight is The Bourton House Cat and Kitten Rescue Centre, a project with which the Club has become involved. Come along and support the effort to save unwanted and unloved cats and kittens. Cats of the Month will be rescued cats or kittens.

19th August - This year we are hoping to arrange a visit to the Birds of Prey Centre at Newant. We would like to have an idea of the numbers involved, so please let the Secretary know as soon as possible. Any further information will be given as we go along.

20th September - Worcester Veterinary Surgeon to talk about Blood Titres, Grouping, etc. The Cat of the Month will be a Cornish Rex belonging to Mr G. Gladwin and Mrs D. Jones.

18th October - A talk on Spiritualism is to be arranged, and the Cat of the Month will be an all black cat. Would anyone who could bring such a cat please contact the Secretary.

15th November - We have contacted the West Midlands Safari Park to see if they are willing to talk to us about reptiles, and to bring some specimens with them. We have a request from the curator that all those attending should wash their hands thoroughly after handling their cats, and we will obviously not have a Cat of the Month.

13th December - A Skittle Evening is to be planned instead of the usual Christmas Party.

Margaret Gear, Hon Secretary

Burmese Cat Club

Members please note a date for your diary - The Burmese Cat Club Tea Party, 12 August, 2001, at Bremhill House.
Details, tickets and map at a later date.

Maureen Smith

The South Western Counties Cat Club

The Club’s AGM took place on Sunday, 25 March, 2001 at The Passage House Hotel, Kingsteington, Devon, preceded by a scrumptious enjoyable and well attended luncheon. Thirty Members attended the AGM, with apologies from 14 unable to attend on the day.

Officers, Delegates and Committee for the year are: President - Mrs L. Pring; Vice-Presidents - Mrs A. J. Saberton and Mrs J. Briscoe; Chairman - Mrs j. Ashman; Vice-Chairman - Mrs D. Harper; Hon Treasurer - Mrs D. Harper; Hon Secretary - Miss P. Rowlands. Committee Members - Mrs V. Allom (Membership Sec); Mrs M. Cooksey (Welfare); Mrs L. Hornett; Mrs C. Lovell (Kitten List); Mrs S. Newman (Show Manager); Miss C. Philips; Miss S. Startin; Miss L. Tricker (Asst Show Manager); Mrs S. Verrier (Cup Support Sec); GCCF Delegates - Mrs D. Harper and Mrs S. Newman.

The Club actively supports new members. All enquiries to Mrs Allom, Tel. 01647 231491. Subscriptions became renewable from Jan 2001, payable please to our Hon Treasurer, Mrs D. Harper, Woodlands Farm, Bridford, Exeter EX6 7EW. Other enquiries, please phone me on 01237 474069. Answer machine may be on, so please leave a message.
Wishing you all a happy and successful year with your felines and ambotions.

Cilla Rowlands, Hon Secretary

White Persian Cat Club

Will Club Members and exhibitors please note the change of date for our 2001 Championship Show.

We have applied for a change of date from the GCCF to Saturday, 10 November. We have been granted permission to change to this date.

The venue still to be confirmed.

We look forward to seeing you and your cats on Saturday, 10 November.

Ivor & Sheila Biggs, Show Managers

Havana & Oriental Lilac Cat Club

Like the arrival of spring flowers, it is time to consider the Newsletter again.

If you have any articles, photographs, adverts - even should you feel poetic - now is the time to send them along to the address below. I am hoping to have the Newsletter ready by early to mid-May, so do not dally. Contributions can be posted, e-mailed, faxed or ’phoned to me at Old Lodge, Barton Hartshorn, Buckingham, Bucks MK18 4JY. Tel and Fax 01280 848 233. E-mail melangell@wheelspin.

Also, the Club website has a new address - - much easier to find and remember!

Joyce Tudor-Hughes, Newsletter Editor

Nor’East of Scotland Cat Club

Exhibitors, please note the following Judge Changes for the Nor’East of Scotland CC Show Tomorrow, 12 May, 2001.
Regrettably, Mrs Bullock, Mrs Imlach, Mrs Leighton and Mr Redtfeldt will be unable to judge at our show.

Mr Shewbridge will judge all Mrs Imlach’s Classes plus Class 368. Mrs Denny - 136, 137,171, 172, 277, 321 and 339. Mrs Gamble - 293. Mr Gow - 308. Mrs Harper - 354 and 392. Mr Hepburn - 107. Mrs Hoyle - 3, 7, 85, 123, 129, 155, 163, 170. Mrs Kalal - 168, 169. Mrs Robertson - 65. Mrs Walpole - 234, 239.

Jean Esslemont, Joint Show Manager

The Kentish Cat Society

The AGM of The Kentish Cat Society was held on Sunday, 1 April, 2001, at The Otford Memorial Hall, Otford, Sevenoaks, Kent, and was well attended.

Officers and Committee are as follows: President - Mrs C. M. Stephens; Vice-Presidents - Mrs F. Pragnell, Mrs R. Pocock and Mrs J. I. Green; Chairman - Mr J. E. Green; Vice-Chairman - Mrs P. Potter; Hon Secretary - Mrs B. E. Harrington; Hon Treasurer - Mrs G. D. Leedham; Hon Cup & Show Support Secretaries - The Misses Y. & H. A. Hendra; Hon Membership Secretary - Mrs S. Izzard; Hon Minutes Secretary - Mrs B. Darby; Welfare Officer - Mrs B. E. Harrington; Assistant Welfare Officer - Mrs B. Darby; Delegates to the GCCF - Mr J. E. Green and Mrs G. D. Leedham; Committee - Mrs B. Lauder, Mrs j. Taylor and Mrs J. Strutt.

Trophies were presented by our President, Mrs C. M. Stephens, followed by tea, after which the raffle was drawn - this made £90 for our Emergency Aid Fund. Thank you to all our generous members.

A Fork Supper was held on 21 April, 2001 at The Otford Memorial Hall, Otford, Sevenoaks, Kent. There were 55 Members and friends present at this event, which was very enjoyable. The food was plentiful and very good, as was the background music provided by Mr Ron Darby. The raffle was once again well supported and raised the sum of £146 for our Emergency Aid Fund. Thanks again to all our generous Members.

A Garden Party will be held on Sunday, 8 July, 2001, at 3pm, and we will be guests of Mr and Mrs R. Darby at “Spookeys”, 65 Sidney Gardens, Otford, Sevenoaks, Kent. (Venue same as last year). It is hoped many Members and their friends will be able to attend and we trust the weather will be kind. There will be a bring and buy stall and raffle. Please also bring tins of food for less fortunate cats and a chair or rug for your own comfort. There is plenty of room for cars to park on the road.

Application for tickets at £4 each should be made to our Treasurer, Mrs G. D. Leedham, Three Firs, Ghyll Road, Crowborough, East Sussex TN6 1SU (Tel. 01892 653976) no later than 2 July please to allow for catering arrangements. A map showing the location of the Garden Party can be sent on request.

B. E. Harrington (Mrs), Hon Secretary

Bucks, Oxon & Berks Cat Society

Please note that Schedules for our Championship Show which takes place at the Bletchley Leisure Centre, Bletchley, Bucks, on Saturday, 15 September, 2001, will be available from June.

Open Class judges will be listed on our web site - http://www/

Please apply (with large SAE) to the Show Manager, Mrs Rosemary Gowdy, The Laurels, Rocky Lane, Wendover Dean, Bucks HP22 6PR.

Rosemary Gowdy (Mrs), Show Manager

The Colourpoint Society of Great Britain

Our AGM was held on 22 April, 2001 at Our Lady and St Peters Church, Leatherhead, Surrey, and the following Officers/Committee Members were elected:
Life President - Mrs Betty Nicholas; Vice-President - Mr David Redtfeldt; Chairman - Mrs Ann Dyte; Vice-Chairman - Mrs Daryn Etherington; Hon Secretary - Mrs Diane Hunt; Hon Treasurer - Mrs Ann Dyte; Membership Secretary - Mr Paul Stibbons; Publications Secretary - Mrs Diane Hunt; Points Awards Secretary - Mrs Jan Greenway.

Committee Members - Maxine Fothergill, Lynn Freeman, John Greenway, Sophie Greenway, Gloria Neale, Colin Read, Richard Robinson, Joan Stibbons. Co-opted Members - Malcolm Freeman and Audrey Robinson.

After discussion, it was also agreed that we would be going down to one magazine per year (to come out in January) and that there would be a newsletter sent after each AGM in May/June to inform our Members the results of the AGM and their newly elected committee, points awards winners, forthcoming events, etc.

Once again there was a wonderful buffet for our Members to enjoy followed by presentations to our points awards winners. The afternoon was brought to a close by our new Chairman, Ann Dyte, who hosted the blind auction which raised £136 for Club Funds.

Many thanks to our Members who attended or sent donations for the blind auction and helped us to make it a successful afternoon.

Diane Hunt (Mrs), Hon Secretary

Lincolnshire Cat Club

Schedules have been sent out to all last year’s exhibitors and those who have requested them. Closing date for entries is 14 May, 2001.

Would prospective exhibitors please note our change of date this year. We have had to re-schedule the show forward to 7 July, 2001, due to a booking error by the show hall.

Anyone wanting a schedule should write, enclosing a SAE to Mrs P. Lawson, 74 Scothern Road, Nettleham, Lincoln LN2 2TX.

Will exhibitors please note and co-operate: Due to the foot and mouth outbreak and our show being held on an agricultural site, the following precautions will be strictly adhered to:
(1) All cars and pedestrians will be required to drive/walk over disinfectant mats.
(2) No dogs will be allowed onto the showground. Please leave them at home.
(3) All exhibitors and the general public will be requested to remain in the show hall or the car park. Children must not be allowed to wander out of these areas.

Would exhibitors please note, there was an error in our show advertisement. The closing date for entries is not 14 May, 2001, as printed, but 23 MAY, 2001, as printed on the schedule.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Mrs P. Lawson & Mrs L. Strunin, Joint Show Managers

Ulster Siamese & All Breed Cat Club

At our AGM held on 23 April, 2001, the following Officers were duly elected for 2001/2002:
Patron - Lady Moyola; President - Mrs Peacock; Vice-President - Mr I. Hanna; Chairman - Mrs P. Hanna; Vice-Chairman - Mrs Keenan; Hon Secretary - Mrs L. Spratt; Hon Treasurer - Mr I. Spratt; Show Manager - Mrs D. Kirk; Auditor - Mr C. Keenan. Committee Members - Miss J. Carmody, Mrs M. McBride, S. Redmond, S. Cahoon, D. Dowds, Mrs R. Malcolmson. Welfare Officer & Kitten Registrar - Mrs P. Hanna.

L. H. Spratt (Mrs), Hon Secretary

Rex Cat Club

Newsletter - I am currently preparing our June issue, which will be available to our Members for collection at our show. Please send me your articles, drawings, congratulations and advertisements NOW to be sure of inclusion. My address is 31 Manor Road, Mitcham, Surrey CR4 1JG.

The deadline date will be 18 May, 2001.

Members advertising rates: Full page £12, Half page £7, Quarter page £4. Commercial rates available on request. Please note that payment must be included with the advertisement. Cheques made payable to Rex Cat Club.

Marian Drake, Newsletter Editor

The Rex Cat Association

The AGM of the Rex Cat Association was held on 21 April, 2001, and the Committee would like to extend their thanks for all those who decided they’d far rather spend their Saturday afternoon sitting in a hall listening to us instead of spending it outside in the sun.

Thanks also to everybody for the fine spread and the donations for the raffle. I particularly would like to thank the donor of the ‘blow up doll’ prize which helped the raffle exceed £45.

The following Officers and Committee were ratified and are as follows. A list of services offered by our Club is also listed: President - Mrs Alison Ashford; Vice-Presidents - Mrs Kate Hardwick, Mrs Anne West; Chairman - Miss Pam Beaumont; Vice-Chairman - Mrs Lynda Ashmore; Secretary - Mrs Hilary Dean; Treasurer - Mrs Jennifer Pinches; Committee - Mrs Hilary Carr-Ward, Mrs Lesley Colqhoun, Mrs Ann Hatliff, Mrs Barbara Hoole, Mrs Sandra Humphreys, Miss Andrea Leathwood, Miss Laura Pinches, Mrs Karen Wakefield; Delegates - Mrs Lynda Ashmore, Mrs Hilary Dean; Show Support - Mrs Hilary Carr-Ward; Trophy Support - Mrs Sandra Humphreys; Kitten List Holder - Mrs Pam Beaumont; Rex Rehome Co-ordinator - Mrs Lynda Ashmore; Magazine Editor & Co-ordinators - Mrs Lynda Ashmore, Miss Andrea Leathwood, Mr Kevin Sparrow; Web-site Co-ordinators - Miss Andrea Leathwood, Mr Kevin Sparrow and Mrs Hilary Dean; Newsheets - Mrs Hilary Dean.

Hilary Dean, Hon Secretary

Chocolate Series Cat Club

At our AGM held on 29 April, 2001, Officers elected were: Chairman - Mr J. Munroe; Awards Secretary - Miss S. Vogt; Treasurer - Mrs J. Maybank; Secretary - Mrs M. Catt.

Anyone who qualified for last year’s trophies and awards will be hearing from me very soon.

We are thinking of setting up a website. If you can help with this in any way, would you please contact me a.s.a.p. please.

The next Newsletter will be with you very soon. Any articles, news, recipes or general chit-chat would be most welcome for inclusion.

As we have had our AGM, any Members who have lapsed with subscriptions will be entitled for this year only to rejoin without having to pay a rejoining fee. Don’t forget that we are not only a Club for Longhairs, we would welcome anyone showing or breeding Chocolate Series cats of any coat length or breed to join us.

Marian Catt, Hon Secretary

Colourpoint Cat Club

The AGM of the Colourpoint Cat Club took place on Sunday, 22 April, at Walton Hall School, Eccleshall, Stafford.
The Officers and Committee for the following year are: Life President - Mr Roy Barraclough; Vice-President - Mrs Linda Clark; Chairman - Mrs Barbara Prowse; Vice-Chairman - Mrs Carolyn Davies; Hon Secretary - Mrs Yvette Barber; Hon Treasurer/Membership Secretary - Mr Mike Harrop; Cup Secretary - Mr John Pickford; Awards Secretary - Miss Paula Sharp; Magazine Editor - Mr John Pickford; Website Manager - Mrs Ann Harrop; Show Manager - Mrs Barbara Prowse; Kitten Register - Mrs Yvette Barber. Committee Members - Mr Ian Barber, Mrs Joyce Pickford, Mr Dave Wilton, Mrs Val Wilton. GCCF Delegates - Mrs Linda Clark, Mrs Carolyn Davies. BAC Delegates - Mr Roy Barraclough, Mr Brian Roberts, Mr Mike Harrop, Mrs Joyce Pickford, Miss Claire Calcutt (Reserve Mr John Pickford).

The AGM was preceded by a hot lunch which was enjoyed by all. Following the AGM, Mrs Linda Clark presented the points awards trophies.

Yvette Barber, Hon Secretary

Wiltshire & District Cat Club

The following trophies won last year need to be returned to me (a) by post or (b) at Somerset CC Show on 2 June or (c) at Wiltshire CC Show on 7 July.

Please contact me to let me know your option. My address is Camelot, Barton St David, Somerton, Somerset TA11 6DA. Tel. 01458 850096.

Remember, 30 May is the last date for this year’s final points.

Longhair - Mrs S. Haynes; Semi Longhair - Mrs J. Arris; British - Ms M. Waterhouse; Foreign - Mr & Mrs P. Wardale; Burmese - Mr & Mrs M. Brooks; Siamese and Overall - Ms S. Robinson; Oriental - Mr & Mrs B. Rice; Assessment - Mrs G. Watson; Non Pedigree - Miss S. Rixon.

Aline Thorn (Mrs) Cat Competition Organiser

Cornish Rex Cat Society

On 22 July last year, the Society held a very successful Household Pet Cat Show and Exhibition of Curly-coated Cornish Rex Cats and Cornish Variants in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the breed.

The show was supported by many local and national companies and, surprisingly well attended by the public. Fundraising stalls and representatives from local cat welfare organisations were also present.

A celebration cake and “toast” to Kallibunker, the first Cornish Rex Cat, was enjoyed by exhibitors. The occasion proved to be an excellent opportunity for people to meet and learn more about these wonderful cats.

To mark the Society’s 2nd anniversary, we plan to hold our 2nd Non Pedigree Cat Show on Sunday, 20 May, 2001 at Mappleborough Green Village Hall, near Studley, Warwickshire, from 11am to 4.30pm. This year’s show will differ a little in that pedigree breeds recognised for use in Cornish out-cross programmes will also be invited for exhibition. This would include Russian Blue, Abyssinian, Siamese, British Shorthair, Asian Shorthair, Burmese and Oriental cats. Further details are available from the Show Manager, Gill Johnson (Tel., 01785 812748).

Graham Gladwin

Shropshire Cat Club

The AGM of the above Club was held on Sunday, 22 April, 2001, at the Castle Farm Community Centre, Hadley, Telford, Shropshire.

The Officers and Committee are as follows: President - Mrs J. Crockart; Vice-Presidents - Mrs S. Gibbons, Mrs J. Hoyton; Chairman - Mrs P. Anson; Vice-Chairman - Miss J. Tonkinson; Hon Treasurer - Miss S. J. Bennett; Hon Secretary - Mrs G. Browning. Committee - Ms D. North, Mr M. Coomer, Mrs J. Coomer, Mrs W. Beardmore, Mr M. Lewis, Mrs I. Lewis, Mrs P. Thirsk.

G. Browning (Mrs), Hon Secretary

The Northern Birman Cat Club

Members are reminded that the AGM will take place on Sunday, 20 May, 2001 at the Royal Station Hotel, Carnforth, at 2pm.

All fully paid-up Members are invited to attend.

P. A. Forsyth (Mrs), Membership Secretary

The Midshires Siamese Cat Association

held its Annual general meeting on Sunday 25th of March 2001. Members who attended had a happy and constructive afternoon. During the meeting , officers and members of the committee were confirmed, as follows:-

Hon. President - Mrs B Shewbridge
Hon. Vice Presidents - Miss E Mason; Mr D Ryder; Mr J Shewbridge
Hon. Chair.: Mrs J Gamble
Hon. Vice Chair. : Mr J Roberts
Hon. Treasurer : Mrs S Roberts
Hon. Secretary : Miss G Mason

Committee : Mr M Biddlecombe, Mrs E M H Biddlecombe, Mrs P Hadfield, Mrs D Harper, Mrs S Holmer-Wheeler, Mrs G Icke, Mr N W Titley, Mrs D Walker

The Association's membership Secretary is Mrs S Roberts who can be contacted at 41 Pennine Way, Ashby-de la Zouch, Leicester. LE65 1EW

The Association's show support secretary is Mrs P Hadfield. Claims for rosettes should be made, by sending a stamped, addressed envelope to Mrs P Hadfield, 17 Redhill Close, Wellesbourne, Warwickshire. CV35 9SP. Please include a note detailling what rosette you are claiming and at what show(s) it was won at.

The address for all other correspondence is :- Miss G I Mason, Honorary Secretary, Midshires Siamese Cat Association, 76 Dark Lane, Romsley, Nr Halesowen, West Midlands. B62 0PJ.

Mr N W Titley

Capital Long Hair Cat Association

Due to circumstances beyond our control the Capital AGM has been postponed. It will be held on June 24th 2001 at 2.30pm. The venue will remain the same - St. Paul's Church Centre, Cavendish Road, Harringay.

Sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Angie Mitchell Tel:01268 699680

Siamese Cat Society of the British Empire

We will be holding the Annual General Meeting of the Siamese Cat Society of the British Empire on Sunday June 10th 2001 at the Brimpton Village Hall, Brimpton, Berks; to be followed by tea and the presentation of cups by our chairman; Mrs Norma Farnsworth.

Subscriptions were due as of 1st of January 2001 and if not paid should be sent to Mrs Margaret Walkden, Brookdale, Ledshaw Road, Little Sutton, South Wirral, Cheshire. CH66 4QW.

Our newsletter will be sent out with the AGM papers. Requests for advertisements in the next newsletter should be addressed to Norma Farnsworth enclosing copy and payment of £5.00. Mrs Farnsworth will be grateful for any articles members may wish to have included.

Yvonne Marriott