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By Chris Stalker V.N

Return to sender!
I hope that not too many readers have been frustrated by getting their e-mails to me returned to their Inbox. Unfortunately my e-mail address was incorrectly printed in the last two issues. The correct address is above. I am pleased to say that some intrepid readers have managed to track me down and have sent in their news, which is included here. Please keep in touch and make this page your own!

Birmans at the Lancs
Janet Osborn (Lingcomb Birmans) kindly sent me her news and some interesting ‘snippets’ from the Lancashire Cat Club show -

“The day got off to a definitely inauspicious start for several Birman exhibitors! One exhibitor (who had entered two cats) realised on the journey that one of the cats in the car was the wrong cat (the different tone of voice from the carrier box gave it away!). She was the identical sister to the exhibitor’s young Seal Point female adult, distinguishable from her only by a small feet marking difference. I think this has happened to quite a few exhibitors of all breeds!
Another exhibitor, also with two entered, spent 45 minutes in vain trying to find her elusive Red Point female neuter who had found a hiding place still not discovered, and finally had to leave without her.

Yet another lady, with three cats entered and who had prepared all week for the show, somehow FORGOT TO BRING one of them – a Grand Champion who stood to get something in the Imperial class! However, all three did have a great day with their Birmans who did get to the show.

Finally - this is a good one - another Birman exhibitor used one of the computer route-finding programmes to work out her journey to the show venue, but accidentally typed the wrong postcode into it and found herself outside the show manager’s house, without her schedule, and so had no idea where she was supposed to be! Thank goodness for mobile phones; she was able to call some friends who had already arrived at the hall and find out where to go.
Now for the BRILLIANT news - the first Birman to win an Imperial title!

This is Lilac Point male UK Grand Champion Sucette Icecold Inalex bred by Liz Whitby of Yorkshire, who was looking absolutely magnificent.

As it was Liz’s birthday she had brought a couple of bottles of fizz and some tasty snacks with her to celebrate with friends, and then found herself with quite another reason to crack open the bottles. Judge Mary Kalal, who awarded Alex his final Imperial Grand certificate, was able to partake of a glass also – as you can see in the above photograph!

Not a bad day for other Birman exhibitors too; both I and my Birman Magazine editorial colleague, Heather Collings, won the Neuter Imperial Grand certificates (in good-sized classes!) with our Seal Points, UK Gr Pr Lingcomb Endymion and Gr Pr Esaya Bronte, a lovely big 12-year-old girl, so now we have three each. And Margaret Wignall made own/bred her pretty Blue point girl Bijoubirmon Bristollegacy up to Champion.”

Showing by proxy!
As I was attending the World Cat Congress on 11 March, I was unable to attend the Lancashire show in person and so asked my long-suffering husband to take my Burmese, Vintarn Lady Velika (Chloe) to the show for me.

I’m delighted to say that this ‘proxy’ arrangement paid off well as Chloe was awarded her third CC & BOB by judge Val Kilby. My thanks to Val and of course to my wonderful husband for his beautiful presentation of our little girl on the day! Her photo was taken by Alan Robinson at the show.

Fun in the Snow!
My thanks to Lynda Reames for this lovely photo of her Burmese, ‘Blush’ (aka Penalltie Blushing Branwen), enjoying the snow recently. Blush likes a game of snowballs and does not mind having cold toes!

Preston & Blackpool Winners
Whilst browsing the Our Cats Message Board, I ‘eavesdropped’ on Carol Walker’s announcement about her day at the Preston & Blackpool show and I’m sure she will forgive me for sharing her great news…

“We had a brilliant day at the P&B today with Dream (Rainbow Dreamcatcher) and Bonnie (Bonnie Goldengirl). Dream, in her first show as an adult (11 months old in three days) won her Open and got two other firsts, a second and two thirds. Bonnie also won her Open, got another three firsts and two thirds, was awarded BIS HP Adult, then went on to win Overall Best HP in Show.

The judge whose decision it was said it was VERY close between Bonnie and the Kitten for Overall, but Bonnie just pipped the kitten - after the judge had taken each one out five times! It was that close! By staying alert and interested all the way through, Bonnie was just in one of those moods today - when she is, she tends to do well, and she was still head-butting the pen door long after judging had finished!

We are so proud of her, especially as while I was watching judging from the safety of a nearby stall I saw one judge open the pen door and just leave the trolley up against the pen and she just strolled out - that’s my girl!”

A chance conversation (on a different subject) with judge Sarndra Devereux also turned up some news from Preston & Blackpool. Sarndra said, “I had a pretty ‘darn good day’ at the P&B - three CCs, a first one for my brown boy (Rainsong Divine Deco-Dence) in his first adult show, a second one for my choc girl (Rainsong Blessed Patience) at her second adult show (also with BOB) and a CC and BOB for my blue boy (Ch Famandria Sheridan, pictured above), bred by Jean Huyton, making him up to Champion. He then he went on to get BOV Burmese - pretty pleased or what?”

RCVS Support Education & Welfare
At the end of March the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Trust awarded just under £450,000 to innovative and high-calibre research and animal welfare projects in the UK and overseas, representing the second stage of a three-year investment of almost £1.3m across a comprehensive range of educational programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Gerri McHugh, Director of the Trust, said: “The RCVS Trust continues to make a significant investment in the development of veterinary education and animal welfare in the UK and overseas. This year we were able to fund one in three of the applications we received. As we grow we look forward to supporting even more of the high-calibre projects being developed by veterinary professionals at the seven veterinary schools and in practices across the UK.”

Millie – a tribute
Valerie Mackenzie sent me this beautiful photograph of her beloved cat, Millie, who sadly was put to sleep last month. Valerie wrote this lovely tribute to her very special ‘blue-eyed girl’.

“On 15 March I said goodbye to the girl who held my heart for five-and-a-half years. Millie came into my life at just nine weeks of age and she would sit on my shoulder and ‘comfort suck’ on my ear lobes.

She grew into a stunningly beautiful cat and when she was three years old, I was persuaded to show her.

Those of you who attend shows and visit the gorgeous Household Pets may recognise her from the photo. Certainly the judges, who have been privileged to hold her during the last two years, will remember that experience.

Not only was she the most unusual coat colour, but those dazzling blue eyes would make sure she had your complete attention in order to captivate your heart. She loved people, especially judges, and she always knew how to behave so that everyone loved her.

She endured, with great courage, a short but aggressive illness, until 15 March when she told me that she had had enough and it was time to let her go.

It was the last thing that I could do to say, ‘Thank you, Millie, for five-and-a-half wonderful years of friendship.’ She may have gone from my life but she will never be gone from my heart. It was a real privilege to have shared her oh-so-short life.”