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HI! My many is Chris Campion and I am proud to be owned by a Seal Colourpoint Ragdoll called Koolful Rockme Amadeus - or Ammy to his friends.

My partner Terry and I have been involved with fostering for Cats Protection for several years now, and through our work I became aware that people who couldn’t keep a cat of their own could benefit from being able to have regular contact with one. I made some enquiries and found out about Pets As Therapy. All I needed then was the right cat. We already had four cats but they were not suitable as, like all CP fosterers, we keep the ones that have problems! I decided that a Ragdoll, due to their nature, would make a good PAT Cat, and went in search of the right kitten.

Once Amadeus had chosen us, the wheels were set in motion. When old enough, Ammy paid the obligatory trip to the vet (ouch!) and then, after being temperament-tested, became a registered PAT Cat. He began his visiting career at York District Hospital at just nine-months-old.

A couple of weeks later we went along to Fledglings Court at Market Weighton, which is a residential home for people with learning difficulties. The people there really took to Ammy, and he revelled in all the attention.

We make fortnightly visits there and have done so now for four-and-a-half years. Whilst we have been going there I have seen the way how stroking Ammy can calm someone who is upset and just the pure pleasure that cuddling that fluffy lump can bring.

Ammy has another string to his bow! When we first began visiting at Fledglings Court there was a lady visiting who was afraid of cats. Her daughter loved Ammy, so mum would sit at the other side of the room while the cuddling took place. Gradually, with a little persuasion, and because Ammy was so tolerant and laid-back, this lady became less fearful. The proof of the success... this lady picked up Ammy for a cuddle and she now has other feline friends too.

Ammy is also a show cat. He has two Premier Certificates and several fans in the show world, but not as many as at Fledglings! Ammy and I really enjoy our visits and hopefully they will continue for a long time to come.

Chris Campion

If you would like to register your cat as a PAT Cat, please call the Pets As Therapy registration office on 0870 977 0003 or visit the website at www.petsastherapy.org