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Pet restaurant opens - owners welcome

After colonising the sofas and homes of the world, it appears that some pets are now exploring a more cultured side of life.

Pets in Shanghai are moving from the feeding bowl to the dinner table as a restaurant has opened allowing pets to sit alongside people.

The Paradise pet club opened earlier in the year initially to cater for dogs and their owners, though they soon found that many other animals – including cats – were going for a meal on the town. The menu provides the animal with a meal while the owner gets a drink and a bite to eat.

Though some have been critical of what they say is unhygienic encouragement for animals to share a table with humans, officials, while not agreeing with the idea, have said there is no law preventing such an arrangement.

The restaurant has insisted that pet entry is not indiscriminate, as each animal must have a certificate to declare it is healthy. The manager also stressed that their cleanliness and hygiene is exceptional throughout.

For the time being, then, Shanghai’s pets can continue to enjoy dining out in the city.