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AS reported last time, Mrs C. Tolhurst’s Red British Tabby boy ‘Sam’ is on the glory trail. Although he is already a Champion (Ch Vectensian Sporty Sam), since neutering he is looking to add Premier to the list.

Well, thanks to his Judges - Caroline Wren (Maidstone & Medway), Joyce Higgins (Croydon) and now Celia Leighton (Southern British Shorthair) - he has not made it! Congratulations ‘baby’ boy. Also at the aforementioned show was Sam’s housemate Heidi, a beautiful Tortie Tabby & White who also came first in her Open. Both cats are still only babies really – Sam is just 22 months and Heidi is two-and-a-half years old.

One of my friends has a litter of kittens at present that are just starting to explore life outside the ‘nest’. This is only his second litter in just under a year, so he is still finding things a little bewildering. As both litters are different breeds, the characteristics are very different.

The brother and sister from Litter One have changed roles; now she has grown somewhat she now ambushes him! She attempts to ride him like a cowboy but her well-stuffed tummy just flattens him.

Litter Two have discovered my friend’s toes and slippers in that order. They think that his toes are between-meals snacks and/or scratching posts, while his slippers are tunnels to hide in for the ambush of said toes.

The little boy in the second litter could be used as an early warning system – he has a voice that could pierce steel at 20 paces. He was yelling the odds as he was born, before the sac was broken!

Mum tends to wear a look of pained resignation as the only time he is silent is during chow time.