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Linechasers UK
THE members of Linechasers UK (the original pedigree research club) have been feeling the lack of a recent stud book, so we have produced a Kat-a-Log 2000 in the hope that it will partially fill the gap.

This is NOT a stud book, merely a compilation of all the show catalogues in our possession for the year 2000. It includes all cats, kittens and neuters entered for the show or exhibition.
As we have not had access to marked catalogues, no awards are given and titles only if a cat has been shown after being granted his title. The Kat-a-Log includes details of the cat plus breeder and owner.

If you would like a copy, the cost is £12 for UK addresses and £15 for overseas addresses. Postage is included in the price.

Please send cheques, payable to me, V. Sheldrake, Bulls Cross Wood, Edwardstone, Sudbury, CO10 5PS or e-mail v.sheldrake@bt internet.com
V. Sheldrake

Message to judges
COULD I please graciously ask that Judges, when copying critiques out to the Our Cats newspaper, please double check that the input is correct.

I was very upset to see a criitique in a recent Our Cats on a black smoke kitten bred by me, but owned by my friends. The report said he had “very large rounded eyes with very good blue green colour!!! developing and edged with black...” and had a “very broad nose with a shall stop and a brick red nose leather”.

If all that were true (which it isn’t, as he is pure smoke bred) why was he placed second? According to those remarks, the faults are so extreme that the kitten should not have been placed at all. Another judge on the same day commented that this same kitten had “paw pads, eye rims and nose leather... black”.

I know that mistakes can easily be made, but this is a very expensive hobby these days, and it is “upsetting” when a kitten is sold to have incorrect comments made about it.
Carol Owen (Rocawen Persians)

Lift to shows, please?
PLEASE could anyone in the Shipley, Bradford, Bingley, Yeadon, Guiesley, Menston etc., areas of West Yorkshire give me a lift to either the Manchester & District Show or the Merseyside Show?
I would gladly contribute to the ‘petrol fund’, so if you can help a ‘damsel in distress’, please phone me on 01274 599866 (Baildon).
Sarah E. M. Helm

With regard to PKD
David Brinicombe appears to consider himself an authority on PKD and other heredity illnesses in cats.

Surely he must as a breeder realise the only way to eradicate these diseases is to test and have proof of lines that are free. Any failures should under no circumstances be bred from. Yes, I am aware of the cost of testing, but isn’t it worth it to produce healthy stock?

My British Shorthair was only three-and-a-half years old, a great companion whose passing has left me angry that people are prepared to continue breeding with untested lines.

My experience prompted me writing to every Cat Society in the UK. Some have replied and I look forward to hearing from more.
E. Chapman