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Why mums envy their pets

LYou’ve had a busy day - the kids are screaming and tea is still to be cooked, but the four-legged member of the household is escaping the chaos by chilling out on the sofa.

So it’s no wonder that in a survey by PDSA, the UK’s leading veterinary charity, the time pets get to themselves was the top thing that most pet-owning mums envied about their canine or feline companions.

Following closely in second place, mums envied the cuddles and compliments pets got from their children and/or partners. “After all, how annoying is it when the dog, who’s done nothing all day apart from go for a walk, gets told she is beautiful by your adoring partner when your last compliment was on your birthday!” said one PDSA mum.

In joint third place, mums also envied their pets as they never have to pick up a duster to either clean or make a meal.

As one mum said, “My pampered cats have their every whim catered for - occasionally I’d just like someone else to make the tea!”

In fifth place, and particularly in the cat-owning households, mums envied those long hours the pets get to sleep.

Some mums also envied the lack of stress their pets have. One mum spoke about how she’d like to cause havoc for the day, just like her mud-loving pooch does, then sit back and watch the

However it wasn’t all pet envy. Mums also realised that it can be a dog’s life as well – having to go for walks whatever the weather was seen as a downside by some.

But one thing all the mums agreed on was that no matter how much their pets slept or how many extra cuddles they got, the pets all contributed to family life more than they’d ever know. Now that really is something to envy!