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Iams launches its first ever wet pouches

After colonising tIF YOU want the best for your cat, you will want to be sure that every meal you feed it, wet or dry, contains all the nutrients required for optimal health and development. Now your cat can get the best of both worlds as The Iams Company has launched its first ever range of pouches for cats, Iams Select Bites in Gravy.

They combine the health benefits of Iams’ dry nutrition with the delicious taste you would expect from a meaty pouch.

With over 75% of owners feeding wet food to their cats and 61% of these using pouches, New Iams Select Bites in Gravy is the first single-serve pouch to be formulated with the superior nutrition of Iams. Each pouch contains a delicious meal, made with:

• high quality meat for peak condition and lean muscle
• natural fibre for a healthy digestive tract
• fish oil for a healthy skin and a shiny coat
• vitamin E for a strong immune system

The pouches have been developed with Iams nutritionists to enable cat owners to feed a complete and balanced healthy food, with a best ever taste. They are available in a great variety of delicious flavours for all life-stages: Kitten, Adult, Active Maturity (for cats aged 7+) and Senior (11+).

David Morgan, a vet at the Iams Company, said: “We recognise that cat owners expect to provide their cat with a healthy, yet tasty meal. So to meet the demand for tasty, wet food that is also healthy, Iams has developed its first pouches. They are formulated according to the same nutritional principles as Iams dry products, making our superior nutrition available in a wet format and offering cat owners peace of mind as they know their cat is getting the best best”.

Roger Tabor, cat nutrition expert, explains: “Feeding a cat can be an art form! As well as ensuring that your cat is getting the best nutrition to prevent obesity and illness, you also need to make sure that she is enjoying what she eats. These pouches are a great way to give your cat a healthy food that she will enjoy eating”.

Consumers who want to feed their cats a combination of wet and dry food can now be sure that their pets will now get the best of both worlds with the Iams range of dry kibbles and moist pouches. Cats can now get the health and nutrition benefits of Iams and the best ever taste.

Iams pouches come in handy, single-sized portions and are available in a variety of delicious flavours including, chicken, beef, salmon and ocean fish. For further information contact the Iams Care Line on freephone 0808 100 70 10 or log on to www.iams.co.uk