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Judges and Show Managers

I thought I would start this week’s column by continuing the theme of our reports from shows. This message is really to Judges and Show Managers.... without them where would shows be, of course?!

The Our Cats team regularly send out prepaid envelopes for judges to submit their reports, but with so many sending them in by email, we are now considering sending out less (not stopping them, don't panic). It is very important that show managers fill in the coupon in this week’s issue (see page 8), giving our team an indication of the number of envelopes required for their show. It may then be that we will send the full amount of judges’ request letters, but less envelopes, thus allowing the judges who send in by e-mail to continue that practice and save wasting envelopes and post.

Hope you see what I mean! As with the whole show report scenario, we are monitoring the e-mail section very closely as we do our best to bring the show reports well up to date. I hope to be at Manchester show with Our Cats Editorial Assistant Rob Dean, and we can get your views there of course. Please note that the envelopes for shows throughout April have been despatched and May will be following shortly.

Postal costs up again

Talking of the post, charges have gone up yet again, which of course impacts in a number of areas. Shows will face increased costs, especially if schedules are being posted to last year’s exhibitors. Can I once again offer the services of the OUR CATS stand at shows, as we are constantly asked for schedules by exhibitors. Feel free to bring them to the Manchester & District Show where we will be attending once more.

The postal costs will also affect OUR CATS subscriptions, which inevitably will have to rise as we have absorbed virtually every postal rise over the last few years. So again, come to the stand at Manchester and renew or treat yourself to a subscription. If your paper is coming through your newsagent, and all is well, then no problem, but if it’s hit and miss or you just want to be sure of getting the news ASAP, then subscribe at the show.

I'm sure we will have a few goodies to share out as well as we know there are some product launches from our friends in the trade. If your renewal is a few months away, you can always protect against any impending rises and we will upgrade your subscription from the day it is due to run out.

Manchester Show and more...
Further news on Dorothy Tomlinson is that she appears to be improving slowly and we all hope to see her at the George Carnall Leisure Centre for Manchester Show on 6 May.
Best wishes from everyone here at Our Cats DT!

Not forgetting our friends in the south. I have sometimes been accused (unfairly?) of only doing shows in the north. Time and distance are a factor, but I did go down to Torquay two years ago for the South Western Counties Cat Club. This year the show is on 23 September at Torquay. (No clash with the North West this year... that’s a good thing!) It is the Club’s 75th anniversary, and will also be the last show as managers for Susan Newman and Lesley Tricker. (Well done girls, thanks for all the hard work). It is a super part of the country, and the weather is usually excellent (ideal for a weekend break before the winter). They are a friendly bunch down there, so go on, give ’em an entry!

You may even see me there if the weather’s that good!

Gwynedd Cat Club
Shows are coming thick and fast now. The next Gwynedd Show will be held on 15 July at the usual venue, the Deeside Leisure Centre. Schedules will be available shortly and will be sent to all members and last year’s exhibitors. The schedule and entry forms will also be available to download from the Club website - www.gwyneddcatclub.co.uk - at the end of April.
Please see the advert in Our Cats for full details and notes in Club News from Carol Walker, Joint Assistant Show Manager and erstwhile girl with a camera at shows for Our Cats!

Vince Hogan, Editor in Chief