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That’s A Cat Fact!

Hill’s* Pet Nutrition have just announced their Top 10 ‘Amazing Things About Cats’. Says Libby Sheridan, Veterinary Affairs Manager for Hill’s, “Cats are just such unique creatures.

Through the ages we’ve celebrated their mysterious nature and despite the huge wealth of scientific knowledge we have gathered about feline health and wellbeing, it’s clear that cats can still do things that astound us.

We’ve gathered together our ‘Top 10 Amazing Things About Cats’ to remind cat lovers just how special our feline friends are.”

Top 10 Amazing Things About Cats

1. Cats walk on tip-toe. Unlike humans who take their weight on the sole of their foot, cats take all their weight on their toes.

2. Who’s the Daddy? Cats are reflex ovulators, meaning they release an egg every time they mate. It’s possible for each kitten in the same litter to have a different father.

3. Cat’s eyes: most close-up things look blurred and cats don’t see colour very well, especially reds and greens.

4. Plush Puss: cats have about 800-1,600 hairs per square centimetre of coat. In contrast, adult humans have 200-600 hairs per centimetre of scalp.

5. A cat can jump nine to ten times its own height!

6. Fast Track Cats: cats can run at 30 miles per hour for short periods - faster than the fastest human.

7. Purr-leased to make your acquaintance! Cats spend 10,950.13 hours purring during a lifetime.

8. Cats can pull their whiskers forward to form a net around prey, allowing them to sense any
efforts at escape.

9. Cat Nap: cats spend up to 70% of their day sleeping and 15% of their day grooming.

10. Food for Thought. Cats fed a good quality dry food like Hill’s Science Plan will eat their weight in food in 2.5 months. Cats fed a grocery brand canned cat food will eat their weight in food in just 2.5 weeks!