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Home is the cat’s whiskers

Losing your pet can be a devastating experience, which is why Amanda Dunnett from Rowley Regis in the West Midlands is pleased to help raise awareness of the importance of microchipping. Amanda’s beloved cat Pilchard went missing last year.
However, thanks to the work of Petlog, the Kennel Club’s pet reunification service, she was reunited with Pilchard after seven agonising months of searching.

Pilchard went missing a couple of months after Amanda moved house and a few weeks after the arrival of a new puppy, a terrier cross called Skye. Whilst Amanda’s other two cats were not worried by the new arrival, Pilchard was very unsure and one day didn’t return home. Amanda was extremely worried, especially as Pilchard was unfamiliar with his new surroundings.

Amanda explains: “Losing Pilchard was devastating and had an effect on my other pets.

We missed him terribly and I tried everything I could think of to try and find him. I put adverts in the local paper and in shop windows and even visited my previous address in the hope of spotting him.”

After seven months, Amanda received a telephone call from the RSPCA in Birmingham to say that a cat had been brought into them after being hit by a car. The RSPCA officer was able to identify the cat as Pilchard from scanning the microchip, which had been inserted into the scruff of his neck.

Pilchard, reunited with owner Amanda Dunnett after seven months of searching.

Microchipping provides an inexpensive form of identification that cannot be lost, altered or intentionally removed once implanted. Vets, dog wardens and kennels can scan the pet’s microchip to locate details of the owners and reunite pet and owner quickly.

Amanda said: “I rushed to the RSPCA and although Pilchard was having nosebleeds, a lame leg and looking worse for wear, just to see him again was a huge joy and relief. I have no idea where Pilchard had been for seven months but after a lot of rest and plenty of TLC he has returned to his playful self. He also bonded better with Skye.”

She adds: “Without Pilchard’s microchip we would never have been reunited and I’m so very happy that we’re all together again. My two other cats and three dogs are all microchipped and I would recommend all pet owners have their treasured companions microchipped as you never know, one day your pet could go missing. Not knowing where or what’s happened to your pet is one of the worst feelings in the world.”

The incident is one of a number of examples of the successes of the Petlog scheme. Over 2,000,000 pets have been microchipped as part of the scheme, which is integral to helping a large number of lost and stolen pets be reunited with their owners.

The latest development in pet retrieval technology is the introduction of a mobile texting service for Petlog Plus customers. This allows the owner to text a message informing Petlog of a missing pet and thereby triggering an e-mail to authorised agents, including vets, dog wardens and rescue kennels, in a radius of approximately 30 miles.

It isn’t just owners that can make use of the new service. The authorised agents can also scan stray animals that they find and then text the microchip number to Petlog, who then sends the owner’s details back to the agent who can return the pet to its rightful owner quickly and easily.