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Jess the cat to get his own series

POSTMAN PAT’S sidekick, Jess the black and white cat, has secured his own TV series.
After 25 years of helping Pat deliver the mail on time, Jess will star in an interactive show for children called Guess With Jess.

Jess, after keeping quiet on set for many years, will speak for the first time in the new show. Moving away from the stop-motion animation used in Postman Pat, Jess’s show will be made using computer-generated imagery.

With the intention of entertaining and teaching pre-school children, the Postman Pat spin-off will be aired on BBC-1, BBC-2 and C-Beebies. The company behind both Postman Pat and Guess With Jess, Entertainment Rights, said that “close consultation with education specialists” had helped shape the show.

Producer Mike Heap said: “Public demand encouraged us to develop this much-loved brand. We have no doubt that Jess will continue to charm pre-schoolers in his very own show.”

Postman Pat and Jess first appeared in 1981 and have entertained the nation’s kids since. In 2004, Entertainment Rights made a new series of 28 adventures starring most of the original cast, none of whom seemed to have aged very much in the intervening twenty-three years.

However, a number of favourite Greendale locals from the original series were axed, including Rebecca Hubbard, Granny Dryden, Sam Waldron and farmers George Lancaster and Peter Fogg.

It is believed there were problems relating to their contracts, although sources in Greendale remained tight-lipped on this point.

Pat and Jess meanwhile are now global stars and appear on TV in 100 countries. Pat is soon due to make his German TV debut as Postbote Pat.