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Rhyme or Reason

Star Turn

Clutching, crabbing,
Smudging, stabbing.

Where fast-melt flake on warm glass glides
quick-grab paw spats and slides
in mirror movements of the snow.
So quiet to fall, so quick to go.

The weather’s cold, there is no doubt –
So much better to be inside than out.

Meanwhile, oozing out of cat flap door
He stops mid-pace with quivering paw.
Familiar scene transformed by sparkling duvet of white
(Mostly deposited during the night).
Now, sun-glistened specks glitter in trees
While birdbath icicles as stalagmites freeze.

Tentatively testing, forward creeping,
Then more confidently leaping,
He excitedly bounds, great pawfuls catching,
Lobbing and pouncing as though mouse despatching.

Snaking, sneaking.
Playfully peaking.

Boyishly manic, with Cheshire grin -
So much better to be outside than in.
(L. Dezonie, Claypole)


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(C. Wardle, Hugglescote)

The Balinese & Siamese First Championship Show

I’ve heard a whisper going round,
About a Cat Show out of town.
I wonder if they will let me go,
Oh, I really hope so.
I’ll be ever so quiet and very good,
And behave just like a gentleman should.
Although I’m only eight months old,
I really will be as good as gold.
It’s the First Balinese and Siamese Championship Show,
Probably just for Pedigrees - Oh Blow!
If I part my hair in the middle so it falls either side
I doubt they will notice what I am trying to hide,
That I am a short hair’d Moggy with no class at all.
Still I’m willing to try if it gets me into the hall.
Yippee - it worked but the Vet needs a spy glass,
He told Mum he’s sure I’ll win the pets class.
I hope I’m not in that, I’ll be disqualified,
I am only a Moggy, in other people’s eyes.
My Mum says I’m the best there is,
There’s no disputing I’m the biz.
This show has lots of freebies in the cage.
I am only little, big comes with age,
So there’s plenty of room left for bags, tins and things
And toys and all else that anyone brings.
I am a little bit worried that all I can see
Are beautiful cats with a Pedigree.
That one over there keeps giving me the eye
But he’s not half as handsome as I.
Hold on a minute, there’s a card on his cage,
It says Champion, in gold, I am enraged.
If he’s got one then where’s mine, I ask.
Next Judge round I’ll take to task.
Oh dear, they are coming here,
Oi, hang on, mind my hair,
I’ve been passed from one to another,
I feel like a raffle prize, - oh dear, I want my Mother.
Talking of raffles they’ve got a big one of them.
The cat next door just asked where I come from.
Ooh look, I’ve got a card on my cage,
I say, you over there, please tell me, what does it say?
It says your name is BOB and its colour is Red.
Does that mean I can go home to bed?
I’ve had a lovely day, can I come back next year?
Now, I’d really like to get out of here.
(J. Willians, Scourie)