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Soft Paws extends Claws into UK market

A revolutionary new pet accessory, proven in the United States for 15 years for its effectiveness in preventing scratching, is now being launched in the UK. Soft Claws from Soft Paws UK are small plastic caps that are applied to the pet’s natural claws to protect furniture and pet owners from scratching, and have the backing of leading UK veterinary practices.

Available in a variety of sizes from kitten to extra extra large and a range of colours, Soft Claws are secured in place on the pet’s natural claw using non-toxic glue. After approximately six weeks, the caps fall off a cat’s claws as the pet naturally sheds the outer sheath of its claws periodically. This prevents the possibility of infection.

Victoria Cottington, senior veterinary nurse, Greenwich Medivet, says: “Soft Claws is an excellent alternative to de-clawing, which thankfully is illegal in Europe. The nail caps are completely safe, non-toxic and extremely well tolerated by pets. They are simple to apply, ensuring good client compliance. Owners are happy for us to apply the claws during a routine visit and can purchase a take home kit to apply the nails themselves at home once they have been shown how to apply them by their vet.”

Softpaws UK is managed by Peter To, a cat owner, who discovered Soft Claws and applied them to his indoor cat to prevent excessive scratching of furniture. He says: “The nails have been selling successfully in the US for 15 years, so I wanted to represent the business here in the UK.

The have been proven to work and provide strong business benefits to vets through the sale of starter and take home kits.”