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Cat Chat by Chris Stalker V.N.

My thanks to Lynne Dixon for sending me the super photo

Did you know? No onions!
I have recently reviewed a book for Veterinary Nursing Times (Ref: Feline Medicine by Martha Cannon and Myra Forster-van Hijfte) and discovered something I was unaware of and thought I would pass onto you…

Cats should never be fed any foods that may contain onions (e.g. human baby foods and powdered soups etc) as onion and onion powder contain chemicals that can damage cats’ red blood cells and cause severe anaemia.

Lots of great days out!
I have pleasure including news of lots of great ‘cat events’ that are coming up in the following weeks. My thanks to everyone who has sent me the details included in this column. If you get to any of the events on this page, do write and let me know about your day out!

Chester & North Wales Cat Club
This Saturday (12th August) the CNWCC will be celebrating their Silver Anniversary show at the Northgate Arena, Chester. Do visit the show if you are in this part of the country and join in the celebrations.

Breeding for the future
The Seal Point Siamese Cat Club has issued an open invitation to join them at their forthcoming Breeders’ Forum at Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire on 3rd September 2006 – everyone is welcome! The theme of the forum is ‘Breeding for the Future’. Speakers include well-known veterinary surgeon and feline expert, Danielle Gunn-Moore and experienced judges including John Hansson, Harry & Rosie Meekings, Di Brown and Jackie Reed. Contact Mrs Jenny Jones “Amyday”, Newhouse Lane, Storrington, West Sussex to book your place or call Mrs Barbara Kilroy-Summers on 01342 712055 for further details. Please note: due to popularity, and the limits of Fire Regulations, the club will not be able to accept entries on the day unless seats are booked in advance.

Well worth a visit to London
The Llewellyn Alexander studio is presenting its eleventh annual Exhibition for the Society of Feline Artists from 4-23 September 2006. This will feature the work of over 50 members of this prestigious Society. The show includes pictures in oil, acrylic, watercolour, pastel and etchings, making it the largest exhibition of feline art in the country. All paintings are for sale with a price range from £60 to £2500, with the majority being under £750.

Cats, independent of spirit and full of individual character, have provided perpetual amusement and inspiration for the human race. A wide range of sizes and breeds will be represented – the exotic Siamese and Abyssinian, the domestic ginger, tortie and tabby, and the spectacular big cats of the jungle.

This exhibition is an important date for the London Diary in 2006, and is keenly anticipated by cat lovers and collectors around the world.

For further information and an invitation to the exhibition, contact:
Diana Holdsworth or George McLellan, Llewellyn Alexander (Fine Paintings) Ltd, 124-126 The Cut, Waterloo, London SE1 8LN. Telephone 020 7620 1322/4. Website www.llewellynalexander.com

Hog roast for cat welfare
A super social event has been organised for a “Bank Holiday Hog Roast” in aid of Cat Welfare on Monday 28th August 2006 at the home of Marion Evans, Camelot, 15 Auckland View, High Etherley, Bishop Auckland. E-mail: mavis.donnelly@dial.pipex.com

Northern Counties Cat Club’s 40th All Breeds Championship Show
A great celebration is planned for the club’s Ruby Anniversary show on 9th September 2006 at Spennymoor. Do pop along and join the celebrations. The committee would like to hear from you if you have any ideas for social meetings in 2006.

Honorary Secretary: Mrs. A. Al-Jumaili E-mail: anne.aljumaili@btinternet.com

Cool for cats
Jennifer Alexander (Tribune-Herald staff writer for Waco Tribune-Herald USA) recently wrote the following article, published online:

If you come home to find your family cat panting heavily, don’t assume he’s eyeing the new kitten next door -he’s probably just too hot. Panting is just one of the signs of heat-related distress that Waco veterinarian and state Rep. Charles “Doc” Anderson, R-Waco, said cat owners should be aware of, because feline companions can suffer as much as dogs when temperatures climb. “Fortunately, cats are sometimes a little bit brighter than dogs and will become less active when it’s hot,” he said, but owners still can take steps to keep their cats cool. Cats can’t sweat; the only way they can cool themselves is by evaporation over the tongue,” Anderson said. “Not everyone has air conditioning, but. . . a fan would help.”

Other signs of heat-related distress include lethargy or lying in an unusual position, vomiting and diarrhoea. Very old cats, young kittens and cats with heart problems are more susceptible to overheating. Although it may look as if Fluffy suffers more than her short-haired cousins, Anderson said long-haired cats won’t fall victim to hot days any faster than those with less fur.

Indoor and outdoor cats need access to fresh water, shade and some form of ventilation. Cats tend to minimize their food intake during hot weather, Anderson said, “But they sure will drink.” Cats can escape the heat at home if there’s a cool place to hide, but a vehicle’s sweltering interior is a different situation.

Charlotte Ables, executive director of the Waco Humane Society, said owners who travel with their cats should keep them in the passenger seat. “Put them in a carrier and have water available,” she said. Anderson agreed, but he also recommends avoiding any kind of travel with pets during the hottest months. “The aviation industry often will restrict carrying pets during this kind of weather,” Anderson said. But it’s not the flying that gets to pets, he said, “It’s the sitting on a runway before and after a flight.” If a cat appears overheated, it should be offered water but not handled excessively or picked up, Ables said. Anderson recommends lightly spraying the cat with water or using cool, damp towels, but he cautions against giving a full shower, to avoid struggling. “If they’re down and out, wet ’em down and seek medical attention,” he advised.

How did OUR CATS readers keep their cats cool in the recent heatwave? Please write in and share your ‘cool tips’.

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