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Lincoln Cat Care - (August News)

Well it doesn’t seem a year ago that we were looking forward to the release of Dana from quarantine. Thanks to some really brilliant fostering by Sandra and finding the right home, Dana is now living a perfect life with plenty of space to roam. While with Sandra she befriended two farm kittens and they were homed with her. Sadly, as they began to really settle, one of the boys was shot by rabbit hunters. This seems to have made the remaining duo more affectionate.

As last year the kittens are still arriving. I cannot begin to understand why the large, well-financed charities do not carry out ongoing neutering campaigns. It is the only effective way to keep the numbers at a reasonable level. It seems ironic that we seem to be taking into care the biggest share of these kittens with the least funds.

Jose, the Spanish immigrant, is fresh out of his incarceration in the quarantine centre. He is also being fostered by Sandra, who reports that of all the illegals she has cared for, he is the least frightened. A hopeful sign there.

We’ve welcomed some new home visitors to the flock - welcome to Bianca, Helen, Eileen, Annette and Linda. All we need now is a few more foster homes. Could you have a pen in the garden? If so please ring Gwen (01522 796089) or myself (01522 873968).

Morrisons have kindly agreed to allow us food collection boxes in their Lincoln and Gainsborough stores. At present we are having boxes made by Roger and Brian. Thanks to them.

Our thoughts and best wishes go to Pauline and June who are both going through difficult times at present. Pauline most of you will know as one of our hand rearers and our lost and found lady. June has regularly donated huge amounts of food for the cats.

The response to Gift Aid has been very positive, please consider allowing us to claim if you haven’t already. You can also allow claims if you are on self assessment. Details from Derek on 01522 788597.

Many cats, like many humans, are suffering in this unusual heat spell. Please make sure there is always water available.

Events for August include:

12th - A stall at Hartsholme Gala and on the same day we have a Summer Gala at 33 Cross O’Cliff Hill. It runs from 10am until 1pm and there’s lots for everyone.

19th - Bric ’a’ Brac and Bargain Sale at Birchwood Scout Hut from 10am until 2pm.
26th - Ros is hosting a coffee morning from 10am until 12 noon at 9 Torksey Avenue, Saxilby.
Do try and pop along to these events. Unlike some we do work hard at raising funds (and spending them) and don’t just rely on appeals.

Thanks again to everyone for their support, in whatever way. It all adds to allow us to help the large number of cats that we do. We give the time but you supply the means. See you in September.