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Gwynedd donation for Green Paws Shelter

Beatrice Carr of Green Paws Shelter recently received a vital donation from Marie Rose, on behalf of Gwynedd Cat Club.

Green Paws Shelter was formed in 1980 with the original name of Save Our Cats. Its aim was to rescue feral cats from Shotton Steelworks during and after the closure of the plant. The Shelter continues to rescue from the surrounding areas.

However, the Shelter is currently struggling and is in need of funds to help it survive and carry on its work. A combination of a lack of venues, old age and disabilities have made fundraising very difficult. Most of the Shelter’s savings have been used up so if no funds are forthcoming it may have no other option than be forced to sell its property.

With the Gwynedd donation, plus any subsequent contributions from elsewhere, the Shelter hopes to avoid this.