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Curiosity nearly kills brave puss Bailey

At only three months old, cute kitten Bailey has already lost one of her nine lives after taking a tumble out of a downstairs window and fracturing her pelvis! Just a month on from the accident, however, the brave kitten is already back on all fours thanks to vets at Stoke PDSA PetAid hospital.

Curiosity definitely got the better of young Bailey when she spied the open window and decided to clamber through. Owner Mandy Durber comments: “Like many people in this hot weather I had left one window slightly ajar to let in some fresh air, when Bailey suddenly decided to take to the skies and investigate!”

PDSA Senior Veterinary Surgeon Chris Withers, who treated Bailey said, “Bailey was pretty shaken when we saw her. X-rays confirmed that she had fractured her pelvis but thankfully the damage wasn’t too severe.

“In order for the pelvis to heal, Bailey needed complete rest in a cage to restrict her movement to allow the bone to repair itself. Although Bailey was allowed home we kept her under close observation for the next few weeks, and Mandy didn’t let her out of her sight.”
A month on and Bailey is a picture of health, darting about Mandy’s living room as if nothing had ever happened.

“She’s bounced right back,” continues Mandy. “I also have a St Bernard and a parrot at home and they adore Bailey as much as I do. I’m delighted she’s made a full recovery and am grateful to PDSA for their help. Needless to say, I am now extra cautious when it comes to opening any windows and hope that by telling others what happened to Bailey, it will help prevent the same thing from happening to someone else’s pet.”

Cases of pets falling out of windows increase during the summer months according to PDSA. “Cats in particular are very curious creatures and an open window is often too tempting to resist, so owners should always bear this in mind, especially at the moment during the hot weather,” says Chris.

PDSA finds something fishy in Tommy the cat

PDSA vets have also given pensioner June Smith from Southwick near Sunderland the best 60th birthday present ever – they saved her cat Tommy’s life after he was struck down by something rather fishy! Nine-year-old Tommy had swallowed a large fishbone which was dangerously lodged in his throat.

June had been looking forward to her birthday celebrations, but these were cut short when she noticed that Tommy was having difficulty standing up and was coughing repeatedly.
She rushed Tommy along to Sunderland PDSA PetAid hospital, where x-rays revealed a long thin object in Tommy’s throat. PDSA Veterinary Surgeon Christine Brinkley, comments: “Tommy was pretty distressed when we saw him and was experiencing breathing problems.

“We sedated him and using special forceps to reach the obstruction, found a two-inch long fishbone which is quite a size for any cat to have swallowed!”

Tommy’s throat was very swollen so he was given medication to reduce the swelling and was kept in the ‘cat ward’ overnight so his breathing could be closely monitored. The next morning, Tommy was a bright, alert and very hungry!

June says, “My daughter-in-law works in a fish and chip shop and often brings Tommy leftover pieces of fish. I always check for bones before I give him any but it may well be that one slipped through the net. From now on, his fish suppers will be served in very small, mashed-up portions!
“There was no way I could enjoy my birthday until I knew Tommy was okay, so we waited and had a double celebration when we was back home safely. He’s been a part of the family for ten years, so I’m extremely grateful to PDSA for taking such great care of him.”

Christine Brinkley said: “It is not uncommon for cats to swallow fish bones. Some will pass through without any problems at all, but larger bones can cause serious and permanent injury. It is important that pet owners check thoroughly for bones before feeding pieces of fish to their cats and to remember to dispose of any tempting leftovers in a sealed dustbin.”

Tommy and Bailey are just two of many animals treated throughout the UK at PetAid hospitals every working day. The PetAid hospital provides free veterinary treatment for pets of owners unable to afford veterinary fees.