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PAT Cat of the Month

Pepsi is a nine-year-old Rescue Cat, a Siamese Tabby Point with a most unmelodious voice whom we have had since he was three years of age. Unfortunately he does not like cat carriers, and told us this in no uncertain terms when we travelled home after picking him up.

He chose his own mode of transportation at a Craft Fair we attended; a whicker garden trug. This is the basket that he uses for PAT visits, as well as when he accompanies us on our days out or bed and breakfast holidays. As Pepsi is such a sociable cat, we approached Pets As Therapy and asked if he was suitable as a PAT visitor.

Obviously he was, and he now has two regular visiting establishments, one a Hospital Assessment Ward and the other a Rest Home. He also takes part in talks to groups explaining what service the Charity provides.

The Rest Home Pepsi visits has many rooms, corridors and stairs which he finds very interesting. As the residents are disabled, his whicker basket is useful to lift him up within reach of the hands which like to stroke him – it can be balanced on a chair as he is quite heavy for anyone who is frail.

Often he will go onto laps, much to the owner’s delight and to one particular man he puts a paw on his shoulders and gives him cuddles. That is so good to see as the face and eyes light up.

Even when people are inarticulate, the pleasure Pepsi brings is unmistakeable – a hint of a smile at the mouth and eyes, a finger movement on his fur. The staff choose who we visit as they know who can benefit most, and they enjoy his visits as well.

Margaret Powis