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Protection lauLovebirds and llamas, possums and pygmy goats... a significant increase in the UK’s exotic pet ownership has prompted a new style of pet insurance. Petplan, the UK’s largest pet insurance provider, has launched “Petplan Exotics”, offering insurance policies for owners of exotic birds, mammals and reptiles.

The new policy has been launched following an increase in ownership of exotic pets, such as parrots, birds of prey, tortoises, snakes, lizards, iguanas, and pygmy goats. The Federation of British Herpetologists recently revealed that there are now five million pet reptiles in Britain and that reptiles and other exotic pets could soon outnumber dogs.

Following in the footsteps of celebrities like George Clooney, owner of potbellied pig, Max; and Blue’s Lee Ryan, owner of Dobbie the lizard, the UK’s pet owners are seeking pets that are a bit more unusual than their traditional four-legged friends.

Petplan Exotics will cover birds of prey, small mammals, reptiles and even pot-bellied pigs and marmoset monkeys. The policy offers pet owners a range of benefits to chose from, including cover against vet fees, theft and death of a pet as a result of an illness or injury.
Fiona Pinkney, spokesperson for Petplan, said:

“The new Petplan policy will enable owners with a more exotic taste in pets to have the reassurance and peace of mind that pet insurance can bring. Exotic animals can be one of the most expensive types of pets - as well at the initial purchase price, they often require living conditions that match their natural environment. In addition to this, vet bills can be high as they have specialist requirements.”

Some of the animals insured by Petplan Exotics:

• Lovebirds to llamas, possums to pygmy goats... Petplan Exotics can cover the following:-

• All species of parrots including the African Grey and Umbrella Cockatoo

• All species of birds of prey including hawks, owls, and eagles

• All species of reptiles including iguanas, chameleons and large boa constrictors

• Large and small mammals including pot bellied pigs, pygmy goats and marmoset monkeys

For more information on Petplan Exotics, please call 0800 197 3047.