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War animals and pets left to die in houses or dumped on streets in Lebanon

A charity is currently trying to help animals stricken by the current crisis in Lebanon. Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (BETA) is a registered charity actively working on animal welfare issues in Lebanon.

The country of Lebanon is now at war. The country is under attack and in the last few days the only international airport has been completely destroyed, foreign warships are now stationed in its sea ports, and the main roads to Syria are now in ruins.

Lebanon is effectively cut off from the rest of the world, it is nearly impossible to enter or leave the country and trade has come to a halt. The necessary goods to care for its animals are becoming more difficult to find, and what is available is now becoming more expensive due to their scarcity. BETA and the animals in its care urgently need your help. With the country shut down, all of its in-country fundraising projects have been forced to stop.

Many are quite literally risking their lives to visit each shelter and care for the animals early in the morning and again before nightfall. The dog shelter is located on the border of Dahye (a block street from Dahye), a suburb where many of the attacks have taken place. The shelter is in sustained danger and many of the dogs are visibly suffering due to the ongoing noise and near destruction. Trips to the cat shelters involve travelling through a large part of Beirut where the attacks and destruction continue, making this more difficult and dangerous.

While cash donations will be the most effective, they are also in need of cat and dog food as well as cat litter. Their vet is still donating his services for free but donations of medications are extremely helpful. With your help these animals will be able to get through this without having to suffer more than they already have. Dogs and cats are being left in locked houses or dumped on the streets to survive.

This is just terrible. Donations can be made online at http://beta.beirut.com/donate.php or by bank transfer. www.wetnoseanimalaid.com will be taking donations online or ring 01508 518 650.