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Corrections & Apologies

In OUR CATS 17 November (Issue 1103) a mistake was made in Mr Mark Pearman’s North West Cat Club show critique. A class and the class winner’s name were ommitted from the report.

They were, RED TABBY KITTEN: 1st BOB, WHITSON’S COUNTRYGIRL LIPGLOSS (8f), 11.4.06. Tortie Tabby. This should have been inserted on the 12th line after the words super temperament. OUR CATS apologises for this error and for any embarrassment caused.

Unfortunately, I gave the wrong name in my report of the Brown Spotted Bengal Kitten Female at the Wyvern Show last September (Ref. Page 36, Our Cats, 20 October issue). In this report, LITTLESTAR TALLULAH is stated as in 2nd place; in fact Tallulah was absent.

The order is as follows, and not as stated previously: 1st Hibbs’ Chrisjay Twice As Nice; 2nd Evans’ Evacats Theia; 3rd Wagstaff’s Seregon Nut Magan.
With apologies for the inconvenience.
Caroline Macaulay

In the report from the Kensington Show on 28 July 2006 under Ms Jean Clare, Maine Coon Neuter, 4 Hoyles Pr Zydeco Mayflower (64 31et) female... huge mature boy laying calmly in his pen with lion-like expression... etc.

Mayflower is a neutered female as stated first, and not a neutered male, as stated second.
Janice Hoyle

The winner of the Oriental Imperial Premier Certificate at the Northern Counties CC Show judged by Jan Hirst is incorrect.

The winner was Gr Ch & Gr Pr Trelgandorf Hasty Harry, owned by Mr Craig Dryden and bred by Mrs Fiona Hamilton. Westgarth Sorcerers Secret is actually an entire adult, and all the Siamese/Oriental Imperial Adult certificates were withheld.

OUR CATS would like to apologise for the omission from the Overall Top Ten Exhibits in the Royal Canin Competition of Miss Saffron Rabey’s cat.

IMPERIAL GRAND PREMIER DAIRYMAINE CHILIPEPPER scored 655 points and should have been in 8th place in the league table.