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Jinksy brings the house down

A KITTEN almost brought his owner’s house down when he became wedged between two walls. Six month-old Jinksy had been exploring on flat roofs behind his home when he fell into a two-inch wide gap between his house and the neighbouring building. He managed to fall almost to the bottom of the space before becoming stuck.

Shirley and David Matthews, Jinksy’s owners, heard his distressed meows and tried to coax him out, but he wriggled and became more and more wedged in. The worried couple called the RSPCA, and Inspector Mel Fisher arrived to help.

Mr Matthews, 68, decided he needed to remove the bricks from his living room wall to free the terrified kitten. Inspector Fisher assisted by holding Jinksy steady with a special grasper pole, and he was suspended in the air between the walls as the bricks were removed one by one.

But the bricks at the old Victorian house were three deep, and the painstaking task took two and a half hours. By the time Jinksy was freed he had been trapped for five hours, and there was a three-foot square hole about five feet up from the floor in their living room.

Jinksy trapped in the narrow space between the walls.

A trembling Jinksy was safely pulled through the gap and, despite being a bit shaken and scared, the cat was uninjured.

‘We weren’t sure that we would get Jinksy out as he kept panicking and becoming more stuck,’ said Inspector Fisher. ‘It was such a relief when he was finally freed, safe and well. As an RSPCA inspector, I often see people who don’t care about their pet’s welfare, so it was really refreshing to be able to help someone who was prepared to go to any lengths for their animal.’

Jinksy, safe and sound and poised for new adventures, with owner Shirley Matthews.

Shirley Matthews, 65, said: ‘Although we’d already started removing bricks when the RSPCA inspector arrived, she was a great help and saved Jinksy from falling further until we could reach him.

‘When we named Jinksy, we didn’t realise he’d live up to his name! Jinksy had been stuck for five hours before he was freed, but thankfully he is happy and well and desperate to go outside on another adventure.