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Rhyme or Reason By Lynda Ward

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My Georgie and his Biscuits!!

Why can’t you be sick in a neat little pile, somewhere that’s easy to clean.
Like a mop-able floor or the cat litter tray, or a place where it’s easily seen !!!!!

I love you my Georgie, you know that I do, but I’ve something to say to you honey,
When the duvet you pick - on the pillows you’re sick, my darling, it’s ...oh....so not funny!!!!!

Couldn’t you nibble a few at a time, instead of just stuffing your face,
Then if you’re inclined to ‘review’ your last meal....’barf’ a few.....not all over the place!!!

Do you happen to know when you gobble so fast, and the need to ‘upchuck’ does impinge,
Why you rush at top speed to my carpet (chinese!),.....and ‘redecorate’ all of the fringe!!!

When you really can’t wait and you have to throw up, and the feeling you just cannot fix,
If you MUST use the stair....why can’t you take care.....and be sick on just one...not all six!!!!!!!!!!!!

I still love you though !!!!
(Z. Brittain-Murray)

A Merry Bonfire Fright and a Happy New Fear

Any excuse will do today,
to have another firework display.
They go ahead come what may,
with no thought or feeling of animal dismay.

After all.....fireworks are big business.

Year after year without a care,
animals are petrified everywhere.
It’s cruel, it’s unnatural, it isn’t fair,
to force upon them such fear and despair.

But after all.......fireworks are big business.

It used to be just on bonfire night,
that we let them panic and shake with fright.
To see them so afraid is a pathetic sight,
our animals are paying for our childrens delight.

But then again...fireworks are big business.

So for weeks after 5th November and for many days before,
every night there are explosions, fireworks galore.
What is the reason? what excuse? what is it all for?
Our animals are terrified, they cower, like innocents of war.

Who cares?....after all.....fireworks are big business.

Now fireworks are used to welcome in each new year.
The message to all animals is “Happy New Fear.”
Still nothing is done, the message is clear,
no help to end this torture of those we love dear.

Why?.....well the answer is plain and simple,
..............fireworks are big business.
(J. D. O’Brien, Redruth)

My story - by Pearl Green, the cat
I was rescued one night whilst sheltering
From the wind and rain,
So ill I was I couldn’t feel my pain.
I was thrown out by people who didn’t care,
But I always felt I had a lot to share,
So when my ‘rescuer’ came it was to
Her I gave, my love and my laughter,
And now we’re both just happy ever after!
(M. Green, Nottingham)