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WELL, I haven’t had any show news recently. I think that all the furry superstars must have taken a long Christmas holiday!.

However, I do have a few amusing cat stories which have come my way.

A woman was washing her mother’s hair and, for some reason, her mother had removed her false teeth. The family cat kept coming in and out, annoyed at the lack of attention. At the end of the hairwashing, mother wished to replace her teeth, but they were no longer where she had left them. The daughter saw the cat disappearing through the cat flap - with the false teeth! She chased her down the street shouting “Stop the cat, she has mother‘s teeth”. Not exactly a phrase you hear every day, or an everyday sight either.

My friend has two rescued Persians, a Seal Colourpoint and a Blue Colourpoint, two sisters. “Fluffy” is the blue girl, and when my friend first told me this story, I must admit I didn’t believe her. Then I saw it for myself. “Fluffy” gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “flat-faced Persian”. She appears quite extreme in type, although her sister isn’t, but that could be due to her sleeping habit and position. “Fluffy” sleeps on her face, literally. She never chooses a soft surface, always a flat, hard one, preferably the work surface in the kitchen or the floor. We haven’t managed to sort out yet how she keeps breathing. e think that this is a hang-up from her previous life - an attempt to get peace and quiet.

The next story concerns a rescued Korat. He is so grateful that he brings ‘presents’ home to his new owner. These usually consist of dead field mice and large insects. However, for Christmas, he decided that she required something a little more special. She couldn’t understand why he was carrying home a bundle of leaves in his mouth. When he dropped the bundle at her feet the leaves slowly unrolled, a little like Cleopatra being delivered in a carpet to Julius Caesar.

In the middle was a live, dazed-looking little field mouse! After shaking its head, it started to race around the room. The cat looked on with a benign expression, as if to say, “There, I’ve given you a live toy to play with”.

After half-an-hour of chasing, and preventing the mouse going into the rest of the house and facing the other cats, it was caught and safely released outside. Away from the gaze of the giver of course!