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Shropshire success

WELL, here we are again, looking at another BIG event in the Bingley Hall, Stafford.
Coventry & Leicester CC have again exceeded 700 cats for their show tomorrow, 25th February, and congratulations go to their hard working Committee.

A full piece by their Chairman appears elsewhere in this issue. However, sandwiched in between this and Shropshire, I hope to have completed one of my forays into the world of dogs when we take the OUR DOGS/OUR CATS road show to New York!

So this bit is written prior to the show, Westminster in Madison Square Garden, and by the time I get to the end of this column I’ll be back... jet-lagged for sure. We always take copies of OUR CATS with us to the dog shows, and vice versa, as we are finding that there is a definite level of interest from people who may also judge or show their feline or canine opposite.

Strangely, of course, even though cats are more popular as household pets, the dog shows still get massive entries and a much higher public and media profile. Wonder why?

Annual 2007

THE OUR CATS stand will, of course, be at Cov & Leics., it’s almost local to us from Manchester. A timely reminder that the cheapest rates for the Annual 2007 will finish the weekend of the show.

So what a great time for breeders and exhibitors to book their space, so we can make the 2007 Annual the best yet. Even if you now have a website or whatever, this is still a great way to get your prefix (or website address) well known. We take the annuals to all the shows on the stand and we know many new people buy the book, as well as judges and fellow exhibitors. See you there!

Talking about books, another reminder to pick up a copy of our Show Diary for 2006 as it’s packed with all the show dates in a handy A5 format.

Back from New York

So, its great to be back as you often hear when people are away.

Don’t ever complain about being cold in Bingley Hall again! Dave and I were stuck in one of New York’s biggest ever blizzards only one week ago!

Hopefully a photo has made it onto this page to give you some idea of what it was like.
Ironically, in the show itself at Madison Square Garden, I gave the organisers a few copies of OUR CATS Annual 2006, and they freaked out. (Americans often do……….)

‘Totally awesome’ came the response as they cooed over the contents. So advertisers in our Annual can be assured that they have been read at least by the top dogs at Westminster Kennel Club! (It was their 130th show incidentally so they do have some depth over there).

Not quite so sure about the depth of the cat fancy in the US of A. However, I noticed that on 11 and 12 March, there is to be a big pet show at the Rhode Island Convention Centre, with an International Cat Association Show running at the same time. The details given were that it was a TICA show with over 100 breeds of exotic and domestic felines.

If you want any further information check out www.osbornejenks.com

Franks ProGold Results
We are delighted that we are now in a position to publish the up-to-date points for the Franks ProGold Household Pet Competition.

Unfortunately, due to some incorrect claims, any previous listings could have been wrong, and we decided to have a fresh look at all previous claims.

Our thanks to new points compiler Liz Prescott for tracking down all the right awards and coming up with a new system, which should avoid the problem re-occurring.


THERE was an error in a show report in Issue No. 1082 (27 Jan) by Mrs Elizabeth Corps on the Siamese Cat Club Show. Two classes in the report were headed A/C BREED 24/BALINESE MISCELLANEOUS NEUTER MALE and A/C 32/BALINESE MISCELLANEOUS NEUTER MALE. The ‘Breed 24’ and ‘Breed 32’ bits were missed out, and appeared as if Mrs Corps thought the Siamese entries were Balinese. OUR CATS apologises for this error and for any embarrassment caused.

Coventry & Leicester Cat Club

With an entry of 730 cats, the show is going to be a busy place this year; new titles-
IMPERIAL, ULTIMATECAT, MASTERCAT all in competition, not forgetting ROYAL CANIN & CRYSTAL CLEAR QUALIFIERS; lots of stalls who seem to have everything that you could possibly want.

© Photo Session for Best in Show Non-Pedigree © Engraved rosettes for Grand Classes © Lots of goodies up for grabs

© Our Cats Magazine - reporting on the show & presenting Mastercat medals to cats achieving the title

We have a change of penning company this year, and will be interested in exhibitor’s views on this. Free car parking, refreshments on site, and hopefully the ingredients for a good day for all.
The show over the years, has maintained its entries extremely well and I feel that thanks should go to loyal exhibitors who support the club and the show year after year.

Also thanks should go to long-standing show team and Committee Members; Vice-President Clyde Roberts and Vice-Chairman Grace Roberts, both Life Members and better known on the day as the ‘man on the door’ and ‘the lady with the microphone’.

Joint Show Manager Mark Lewis and Isabel Lewis, approaching life membership, supporters and organizers of show and entries, for longer than they would want me to remember?
Assistant Show Managers, Patsy Knight and Celia Godwin; we could not be without Patsy’s catering organisation (look for the pudding!) and Celia, who is a whiz at multi-tasking and seems to be everywhere!

Hall Manager, Mick Coomer, whom we are lucky to have, organises the hall, trade stands, etc, every year with what seems to be inordinate ease. Then we have the two Sam’s. Sam Payne who is the website wonder, maintaining and setting up our excellent club website, and Samantha Lee our Non-Pedigree Section Manager and Cup Organiser, fighting to get things done (like her mother!)

Not forgetting Doreen Walker, one of our delegates and the quiet voice of reason and sanity on show day.

We are extremely lucky to have such a good team and be supported on the day by volunteers who are worth their weight in gold and we always welcome anyone who would like to help.
One sector of exhibitors we are looking to encouraging, are the junior members, as they are future exhibitors, breeders, judges, etc, so we hope to have something exciting in the pipeline!
I look forward to seeing everyone on the day, and will be in vetting-in, encouraging our wonderful team of vets to get everyone in out of the cold.

So see you on the 25th February 2006 at Bingley Hall, The County Showground, Stafford.
Lesley Szwed (Chairman and Joint Show Manager)