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Charity News - Lincoln Cat Care - (February News)

Well we raised about £30,000 last year and spent £20,000 of it at vets so you can see just how many cats we paid to be treated. Being our first year we needed to spend money on vital equipment which will last us for a long time, traps, kitten pens, scanners etc. As I wrote last month our food bills were lower because of the generosity of you all out there. We now have a body of people who regularly donate food to help us, thank you all.

We had a positive response to our appeal for standing order donors, but please think about this if you will. Just £1 each week, given monthly through your bank, really adds up and by coming in regularly it helps us plan our work. Our charity number is nearing and so I would ask you that pay income tax to consider allowing us to claim ‘gift aid’ on donations that you make to us.

For those of you unsure about committing to this, I would be only too happy to answer any concerns you may have. Why not let us claim almost 30% of what you donate from the treasury, after all it was your taxes, wouldn’t you rather it helped cats than bought Big John Prescott another Jag?

Within the last week we have agreed to help yet another illegally imported cat, this one in a lorry from Spain. The Quarantine Centre has kindly offered, because of our commitment to these cats, to lower their fee to us. It still means a total bill over the six months of £600 so we’ll be campaigning for that. Be warned!

Quite a few cats have been rehomed this month, but sadly just as many have been added to our list. Last year we trapped, neutered and treated a colony of cats in Potterhanworth but this month, as if from nowhere, a further six appeared. Needless to say Gwen and Marion soon had these also attended to.

Our ‘lost and found’ lady, Pauline has needed to go into hospital and so we send her our very best wishes for a speedy recovery. During her absence I shall be handling her duties so you need to call 873968. The ‘lost and found pages’ on our website are visited as often as our ‘cats for homing’, so this is encouraging. Anything that helps re-unite cats and families has to be a good thing.

Another RTA was reported this week with no one to foot the bill. The poor chap was brought in minus an eye and with a broken jaw. The kindly person who took him to the vets will adopt him if no owner comes forward. These cats do account for a high portion of our vet bills, but the alternative doesn’t bear thinking about.

Thanks once again to everyone who supports us in any way, and to Ros for a tremendous £350 from her sponsored swim, without you all a lot of cats wouldn’t be enjoying a happier life. See you in March.