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Shropshire success

Well, what a busy day we all had at the Shropshire… and wasn’t it cold for anyone setting up the night before!

Our personal thanks to Pursonnal Touch for the hot cups of tea for David and myself on the OUR CATS stand!

Derek & Pina Meakin of Bella Penning with Mick Coomer (left), Hall Manager at the Shropshire Show.

Well done to Mick, Gill and all the team for a successful show. Well done also to Bella Penning for the lovely job on the Section Winners and BIS pens. Very attractive green drapes and in addition superb rosettes for the winners from the Society and sponsorship from Franks Pro-Gold.

It seems strange to think we will all be back there in the same venue for Coventry and Leicester in a few weeks. In fact, Mark Lewis and family were also much in evidence at Shropshire… its probably my age, but I get confused easily nowadays.

Anyway, we look forward to seeing you all back in the delightful Bingley Hall on February 25th…. and if you need a local hotel on the night before, the Holiday Inn Express (Tel. 01785 212244) at Junction 13 is cat friendly. Tell them you have seen this note in OUR CATS and to ask for a special show rate. At the time of going to press, we are not sure what it may be… but we are hopeful and the hotel is very handily placed for Bingley Hall and the motorway.

Subscription costs

I had a wry smile on my face at lunch with the judges on Saturday as one of them complained (she often does) about the fact that we at OUR CATS have the audacity to ask the judges for a contribution to the cost of their subscription. (It’s less than half price incidentally). Whilst we wholeheartedly acknowledge that the judges do submit reports to the paper and that they do comprise of a fair percentage of what we print, nonetheless OUR CATS is not a charity.

My Sunday paper talked of 25% rises in energy prices, whilst it cost me 90p a litre to fill up the car on the way home from Shropshire. I have a letter on my desk from the printers saying that they are putting their prices up by 10% because of increases all round, including paper costs. OUR CATS are not immune to such pressures.

We continually thank judges for their dedication writing the reports which most of you find very valuable and interesting. How else would the fancy gain knowledge of what judges are looking for? If judges had to give a written report on the day, we would all be there until midnight (no offence judges!)

No, this system works well but we are faced with costs of production and postal and delivery costs…. like any other business.

So, Mrs Judge (no names, no pack drill) I will make you this promise.

The day the printers print for free, the day the post office makes no delivery charge and the day OUR CATS staff come in and demand a wage reduction is the day you will get a FREE subscription.

(But don’t hold your breath!)

Forward thinking

Award of the week for thinking ahead goes to Lynda Ashmore, the happy Show Manager from the Yorkshire Cat Show in October.

In our last edition, Lynda came up with an idea to reduce costs, save on wasted rosettes, and perhaps increase entries and definitely to give something back to the exhibitors.

Check out her letter in Issue 1082 Pg 13 and also watch this space. I am a big believer in positive action and proactive marketing. I don’t think enough committees give enough time and effort to attracting the public or promoting themselves in general.

Judge Lynda Ashmore (left) with Steward Liz Prescott judging in the Foreign Section at Shropshire.

This will be a theme I will return to in due course but for now, Lynda, keep coming up with these good ideas and also try some out. Lets get the cat game into the 20th century for a start!

Chris Stalker on the loose!
Yes, just when you thought you had seen the back of your last editor, CS was back in great form at Shropshire.

You see ex Ed and MD had cooked up a scheme where some continuity could be brought to bear on the scenario of Chris ‘leaving’. In fact she will now write a regular cat chat column, something for the Annual and some substantial pieces on perhaps a monthly basis in OUR CATS.
Terrific! Chris is a dedicated cat lady with many years experience as a vet nurse, and now four years as editor of OUR CATS.

Feel free to email her your cat chat and news at her dedicated email on catnewsreporter@yahoo.co.uk

However, do NOT send her any show reports or adverts… continue to use the emails you did before for both, and if you are unsure… check the column on this page.

Welcome back Chris…. she is already writing the Shropshire report as we speak.

Chinchillas on the telly

Well done also to North West exhibitor Julie Wheeler who showed the world how much she loves her Chinchillas on a recent TV programme.

Mind you I know how dedicated Julie is…she lives near me, and we did feature the cats in the Annual one-year. But Julie is after recognition in the wider world and who is top say she will not achieve it! It’s the husband I feel sorry for... (actually, he seemed to enjoy it all just as much!)

E-mailed reports

We are trying something new at OUR CATS.

As emailed reports become the norm, it should allow for quicker publication… as you may have seen in the last issue. A new section.

However, this may mean a few adjustments over the next few issues, so be patient.

Also, judges DO NOT SEND REPORTS AGAIN, thinking they have been missed. We are tidying everything up at present…so watch this space! (always wanted to say that…)
Vince Hogan (Managing Director and Editor in Chief)

Cats need a home

Loving homes are being sought for 38 cats who were dumped on a lane in freezing snow near Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary.

The pets were available for viewing and adoption by the public on Saturday, Janaury 28.
Officials at the santuary near Edenfield, Lancashire, say they know the identity of the person who dumped them on November 30 but are giving no details.

The cats were crammed into carrier bags and left abandoned within a mile from Bleakholt.
The sanctuary has said it is one of the worst cases of animal cruelty they have seen.

GCCF Amendment

With reference to the GCCF report on the October 2005 Council Meeting in the 2nd December issue of OUR CATS, Issue No. 1078, page 8. There is an error in the item concerning the Standard of Points.

Please note that the Burmese Standard of Points was NOT agreed.
Many apologies for the error made.

PAT Cat of the Month


PAT Cat, Jefferson, is a four-year-old Maine Coon. Of all the cats we have ever owned, he has got to be the sweetest natured ever. He is so gentle when he visits two of our local care homes, Homer Court and Coldwell House. He sprawls over the resident’s laps - and there is an awful lot of him!

About two years ago he kept bringing this lovely black cat home with him. He’d look up as if to say, “This is my friend, he needs some food”. Amazingly, after much investigation and advertising, we found out that ‘Black Cat’ was a stray, and indeed, very much in need of a home. He stayed and was named Malachi. Now Jefferson and Malachi are best of pals.

Thank you Jefferson for being such a special PAT Cat and for somehow knowing this other little cat needed a home.
Carol Williams