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Home is the cat’s whiskers

SMA North London cat owner, Quentin Given, was overjoyed recently after being reunited with his pet cat, thanks to Petlog, the Kennel Club’s pet identification service. Balthamos, a four and a half year old cat is extremely lucky to be alive and home with his family for Christmas after being discovered ten miles away from his home.

Balthamos a rescue cat from Cats Protection was registered with Petlog before being re-homed with Quentin and his family. Quentin was relieved that Balthamos had been registered especially after his disappearance in October 2005. After being reported by a member of the public, an RSPCA Officer was able to scan Balthamos for a microchip to discover his identity. By quoting the unique reference number on the microchip in Balthamos’s neck to Petlog the officer was able to reunite him with his delighted owner.

“We love Balthamos to bits and were really concerned when he didn’t come back,”
said Quentin.

“We thought someone must have taken him away as we searched high and low and there was no sign of him anywhere. It was like he had just disappeared into thin air. We did everything we could to try and find him, placing hundreds of leaflets and posters around our local area and contacting local pet shops, vets and press. We were greatly concerned about his well being especially with the fireworks and severe frosts.”

“Five weeks later we discovered that Balthamos had been found in a garden in Harlesden, about ten miles from our home. A resident had discovered him, his claws were broken and he had lost nearly half of his body weight and was very scared. It’s great to have Balthamos back where he belongs and his confidence is building and he has now managed to put the weight he lost back on. We’re so grateful to Petlog for helping us get him back as without the microchip there would have been little or no chance of him returning,”
he added.

The incident is the latest example of the successes of the Petlog scheme. Over 2,000,000 pets have been microchipped as part of the scheme, which is integral to helping a large number of lost and stolen pets to be reunited with their owners.

The latest development in pet retrieval technology is the introduction of a mobile texting service for Petlog Plus customers. This allows the owner to text a message informing Petlog of a missing pet and thereby triggering an e-mail to authorised agents, including vets, dog wardens and rescue kennels in an approximate 30 mile radius.

It isn’t just owners that can make use of the new service. The authorised agents can also scan stray animals that they find and then text the microchip number to Petlog which then sends the owner’s details back to the agent who can return the pet to its rightful owner quickly and easily.