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FAB international resource helps millions

SMS text messaging has become the SOS of pet healthcare thanks to a new service available through veterinarVISITS to the Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB) website are doubling every year.

Over a million people from more than 120 countries used the on-line feline advice at www.fabcats.org in 2005. FAB is a charity dedicated to the health and wellbeing of cats that provides a vital information service for cat lovers everywhere - from veterinary surgeons to pet owners.

Of the million people tapping in annually to the 440 pages of information on the site, 320,000 are regular users and 680,000 have found FAB when surfing on a particular health issue. The five most popular reasons for consulting the FAB information pages in 2005 were to find out more about ringworm, euthanasia, cat flu, liver disease and hyperthyroidism.

‘There is a definite need for the high quality feline health care information we provide’, said Chief Executive of FAB, Claire Bessant.

‘All our information is written by veterinary members of our feline expert panel and is regularly updated to provide a world class resource on all things feline’.

The latest developments in feline medicine can be found on www.fabcats.org as well as detailed information sheets on everything from poisoning and diarrhoea to feline infectious peritonitis. FAB funded veterinary school lectures and residents share unusual case histories on the site.

There is information on choosing a cattery and all the FAB listed catteries. Full details of the charity’s many publications and conferences can be found. The site carries the very popular FAB Felix Cat Purrsonality Report and gives details of events underway, such as the ‘Easy to Give Campaign’ and the ‘Cattery of the Year Competition’.

FAB is a charity dedicated to promoting the health and welfare of cats through improved feline knowledge, to help us all care better for our cats. For more information contact FAB, Taeselbury, High Street, Wiltshire SP3 6LD, telephone 0870 742 2278 or go on-line to www.fabcats.org