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PAT Cat of the Year 2006

The First Nomination for 2006: OLIVER

PAT Cat, Oliver has been working in two nursing homes in Darwen for almost a year. The elderly people love him and as soon as he dons his harness he knows what is expected of him.
He sits on knees and always delights by purring. If anyone is ill Oliver cuddles us to them and always makes their day.

He has been the special guest at one of the Nursing home Open Days.
Oliver sends the residents birthday cards and his owner made special Oliver Christmas Cards for each resident.

One resident was heard to say she loved to see Elizabeth but loved Oliver best.
Another resident wouldn’t participate at all until recently and now she wants a turn at having Oliver on her knee – a breakthrough.

Oliver gives the residents an interest, they talk about him even when he’s not there.

Elizabeth owns six cats who all get on very well together although Oliver is always top cat.
Oliver is eight-years-old and went to live with Elizabeth when he was about six-months -old after living ‘rough’ in Burnley. He’s definitely a ‘people’ cat and certainly knows what is expected of him when he is working as a PAT cat.

Elizabeth says “I thoroughly enjoy working with Oliver and I feel he has given a great deal of pleasure to the elderly people he visits. He is a real treasure”.

For more information about PAT Cats (or details of how you and your cat could join the scheme) please call 0870 977 0003 or see www.petsastherapy.org