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Benji & Scrappy are Champions of Pet Slimming
Cat and dog named Hill’s Pet Slimmers of the Year 2005

Benji Tucker the cat and Scrappy Grant the dog are rejoicing today after being crowned the Hillís Pet Slimmers of the Year 2005.

Scrappy, a Labrador dog from Halifax, Yorkshire, proudly walked away with the canine title and trophy after shedding an amazing 45% of his body weight to reduce himself from 65.45kg to 36kg.

Feline winner Benji, from Fareham in Hampshire astounded judges by losing a staggering 30% of his body weight, going from 10.80kg to 7.55kg.

For months, hundreds of overweight entrants to the Hillís Pet Slimmer of the Year Awards have dieted and exercised in order to reduce their weights and improve their health. Today, the finalists paraded their new svelte figures in front of a panel of expert veterinary judges before Scrappy and Benji were named as the Hillís Pet Slimmers of the Year.

They have won £2,000 worth of holiday vouchers, £500 worth of pet accessories and one yearís free supply of Hillís pet food. In addition, they also now have their entry guaranteed to the Hillís European Pet Slimmer of the Year Awards and will complete against national champions from France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Switzerland.

Dinah Boylan, the veterinary nurse who ran the weight management clinic Scrappy attended said:

“I’m so proud of Scrappy! He and his owner David Grant were really motivated to get his weight down and the results have been fantastic. Everyone at the West Mount Veterinary clinic will be rooting for him throughout the European finals - weíre sure heíll come home with the trophy!”

Katherine Blanchard, the veterinary nurse at the Companion Care vet practise who ran the weight management clinic Benji attended said: ìItís been great to see the culmination of all Benji’s hard work! His owner Mrs Tucker was really dedicated and determined to reduce his weight - he’s now so much more active and the results are amazing. We wish him luck for the European final.”

David Grant, owner of Scrappy said:

“I’m extremely proud of Scrappy. When he was overweight he was so lethargic and couldnít even manage to go for a walk. Now he’s fit and active and seems years younger. Iím really pleased that through the Hill’s Pet Slimmer programme Iíve not only reduced Scrappyís weight but also improved his health and increased his life expectancy.”

Emma Calder, Marketing manager for Hillís UK, said:

“We would like to congratulate Benji and Scrappy on their success - we wish them the best of luck for the European final. The Hill’s Pet Slimmer of the Year Awards were launched to help raise awareness of the issue of pet obesity and also to encourage owners to think about their petís lifestyle in relation to their own.

“Just as with humans, health issues are closely linked with obesity in animals and with Hill’s research* showing that people and their pets can actually lose weight and keep it off more effectively if they exercise together, we are trying to encourage pet owners to think about their animal’s diet too and get active with them so they can both stay fit and healthy.”


Benji before losing 30% of his body weight.


The new slimline Benji with his rosette