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Rise in unwanted cats

HUNDREDS of cats given as Christmas presents were abandoned over the festive period, according to new reports by the RSPCA.

In what is traditionally the RSPCA's busiest time, one new owner handed a cat over to the RSPCA, saying: “It doesn't match my new carpet.” Over Christmas last year, RSPCA officers investigated 530 such cases, with expected figures likely to be even higher this time.

Cases this year included two kittens, Holly and Ivy, who were dumped with their mother in a cardboard box just days before Christmas outside the RSPCA centre in Liverpool; Mary, a ginger cat, was found freezing and frightened inside a van just days before Christmas in Southampton and Babs, a kitten who was handed in to the RSPCA shelter in Liverpool in the week before Christmas.

Despite pleas every year, there appears to be no let up in the amount of unwanted cats, including pedigres.

Tim Miles, of the RSPCA, said:
“Some of the excuses show a complete lack of understanding about the responsibilities of owning an animal.”