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Steady at she goes at OUR CATS

Well, this is the first issue produced since the departure of your Editor for the last few years, Chris Stalker. I guess you will not see that much of a difference…there are a couple of reasons for that!

Firstly, Chris and John who have ably put together the paper for so long, also prepared this one in advance! John of course has been central to the production of the magazine since Brian Doyle had hair, so it’s not exactly a new experience for him. Of course everything else is still in place; you still send you reports and emails to the same addresses and we have added a reminder to that effect on this page.

The same teams are still here to take your adverts, deal with your subs et al.
For the time being at least, I will be casting an eye over the overall proceedings, but also working hand in hand with John and one or two other members of the production team to see where we can make any extra improvements to Britain’s only genuine newspaper for the Cat Fancy.

Chris Stalker will still be seen at shows doing pieces for the paper, so you haven’t seen the last of her!

As ever, and as I have said to many of you at the shows, we cannot produce this paper without you, and we only produce this paper for you; it’s a team effort. So keep those reports coming through on time, advertise your wins at shows, and show organisers and clubs keep your information flowing!

On the subject of reports, we are conducting a spring cleaning operation as we speak, looking back to see if we have missed any reports and checking any glaring errors. (As if!) We aim to ensure that reports from roughly July onwards have ALL been published, so you may see a catch up operation with one or two stragglers creeping in over the next few weeks. At the same time, we are looking to react more positively to the number of emailed show reports coming in from judges and direct you to a new section in the paper designed for a quicker insertion of such reports. That could be a very exciting development for readers and exhibitors this year.

Also a reminder for everyone that we have now archived judges critiques on our web site, and are now in our third year of doing so. This means it is very easy to check under your show to see if a judge has had a report published. It’s also a great place to advertise your kittens for sale…

We hope to have the OUR CATS stand at both Shropshire and Coventry & Leicester, thanks to Mick and Mark and their teams. These are two cracking shows to help you break out of the January gloom and I hope to see you all there.

Vince Hogan
MD and Editor in Chief

Vince (right) on the OUR CATS Show Stand, pictured with North West CC Show Hall Manager, Ian Gaskell.


Tablet Introducer

Do you find giving tablets to your cat an arduous task? Well, fear not, the leading veterinary products supplier, Kruuse, has upgraded its best selling range of ‘Buster Tablet Introducers’ for cats and dogs, and Our Cats has 25 new and improved Tablet Introducers to give away.
It has been recorded that administering tablets to your pet without water may cause blocking or damage to the oesophagus. Kruuse’s new Tablet Introducer has been launched to combat any potential damage to your pets throat by providing a comfortable and effective way to medicate your pet.

First, drinking water is drawn into the Introducer, then the tablet is inserted into the soft jaws. Once this is done, the Introducer is gently placed into the animal’s mouth and when the plunger is pressed, the tablet is automatically swallowed with water to help wash it down. It’s as simple as that.
The first 25 applicants to be pulled out of the hat will receive a free Buster Tablet Introducer.

Simply send a postcard with your name and address to:
Lars Lund, Kruuse UK Ltd, 14A Moor Lane Trading Estate, Sherburn In Elmet, North Yorkshire LS25 6ES.

Nutro Expand ‘Complete Care’ Range

The Nutro ‘Complete Care’ formulation, originally launched in two products CHOICE Adult and Kitten, is now running across six varieties. The range now consists of CHOICE Complete Care foods in Kitten, Adult Chicken, Adult Fish, Adult Indoor, Adult Light and Senior Chicken. A Nutro food especially formulated for indoor cats is completely new as well as the fish recipe for the Adult food.

CHOICE Complete Care is a unique super-premium cat food sold only in specialist stores. The philosophy behind ‘Complete Care’ is to take the best modern advances in cat food production and consolidate all of them in one product. The result being a food formulated for skin and coat health, less stool odour and reduced stool volume. The ‘Complete Care’ formulation also uses Taurine for vision & heart function and antioxidants for a healthy immune system. It has been developed to manage hairballs, reduce shedding and it helps to keep a cat’s teeth clean and breath fresh! It has also been designed to settle sensitive stomachs.

Nutro CHOICE Complete Care is the most successful cat food ever launched in the US according to leading US pet speciality retailers. The first two ‘Complete Care’ foods (Adult and Kitten) were launched in the UK in February 2002. There are now eight Nutro CHOICE cat foods available here, six CHOICE Complete Care varieties and two CHOICE Maintenance Adult foods (Chicken and Salmon). Both Maintenance diets are popular with proven benefits to cats prone to Feline Lower Urinary Track Disease (FLUTD).

Nutro foods have always been known for being particularly beneficial to a pet’s skin and coat. The cat food range contains high levels of linolenic acid, highly digestible proteins and carbohydrates, minimised levels of natural antioxidants, recommended levels of Vitamins A, E, C and B complex as well as high levels of zinc. Diets vary according to the recipe with adjustments to nutrition for various ages and activity levels. No synthetic colourings, flavourings, antioxidants or preservatives are used in any Nutro foods.

Founded in 1926, Nutro has been producing cat and dog food lines, sold exclusively through pet stores and other speciality outlets, for over 75 years.

For further details of the new Nutro CHOICE cat range, call FREEPHONE 0800 068 0608, or email sales@nutro.co.uk. More information can be found at www.nutro.co.uk