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Lincoln Cat Care - (July News)

Where is this year going? The consistent thing is the influx of kittens, I think there must be a litter-producing machine hidden away somewhere! Luckily we seem to be the only rescue with many so we’re homing them OK.

In the last month or so we’ve lost three foster carers and so this has added to the dilemma of the adult waiting list, already long because of the kittens. We get a response from each advert but, of course, not everyone that replies has the conditions at their home to foster. As well as fosterers we also need people able to transport occasionally, either goods to and from events or cats to vets. If you think you could help now and again please contact us.

The warm weather has seen a sharp increase in both missing and injured cats. Falling asleep and getting locked in sheds and perhaps being a little less speedy crossing the road are understandable in the heat. We’ve accepted the costs for quite a few RTAs recently, some owners coming forward later. We feel it’s morally wrong not to accept these costs and will continue to do so while we are financially able.

The fundraising team have been working their little socks off to keep the funds topped up, so a great thanks to them. Also, though, a special mention to Faye, and to Siemens, who has just completed a parachute jump for the cats. Luckily she survived so will be able to collect the sponsorship money! Also thanks to Kerry of LincVets at Friar’s Lane, who is planning a similar jump for us in August. If you go into there stick your name on her list please.

We have a fantastic body of generous people who collect food and litter for us but we always need more. Sadly, because we are not a national charity we are unable to have collection bins in the supermarkets. However we will always collect any that you wish to give. Just a few cans frees funds for the cats’ treatment at the vets.

Our Gift Aid is now up and running and if you’d like to know more about it or to sign up, contact myself or Derek. There should be leaflets explaining how it works at our events now. An extra 28p for every pound you donate makes a terrific difference over a year. I know many people are wary of becoming involved with anything to do with taxes, but it’s quite harmless and won’t mean any checks on your taxes.

I’d like to thank Colin (Rogers Transport) for his support in moving a cat chalet and to Brian (Imp Transport) for sponsoring our advert in the Echo feature recently.

As always thanks to everyone who supports in any way whatsoever. See you in August ready for the Christmas run-up!!! Brian