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MY apologies for not writing just lately, but sadly, we had a family bereavement in Ireland, which has let to an enforced period of absence from OUR CATS HQ. My thanks to everyone for keeping everything rolling as usual, and in particular for that bumper issue with over 40 pages of show reports.

Please note that there are two sections now for reports - one for emails (fast!) and the other for reports received in the post, or handwritten - therefore, we have to use an index for each, which has confused one or two people. This may change in the future as more judges send their reports by email, which is far better for us of course.

Transporting cats
Whilst I was away, it all seems to have ‘kicked-off’, to use a current sporting theme, on the subject of moving animals around. Now I guess this is probably an EU thing, aimed more likely at unscrupulous merchants shipping hundreds of sheep in cramped conditions in trucks but, as usual, there appear to be side effects which can be relevant to caring owners and people taking cats or dogs to shows - hardly the kind of people likely to treat their animals badly.

EU Pet Transportation Regulation

Let OUR CATS know your thoughts and opinions on the imminent changes in EU pet transportation law. There is strong opposition within the cat world to this week’s cover story and we are aware of an online petition which many readers and exhibitors are urging others to sign.
Send any letters to Viewpoint to have your say on this matter. Alternatively, drop us a short comment or sentence and we will place it in our Soapbox feature, a forum for you to get something off you chest. Email editorial@ourcats.co.uk to make your point or write to the usual address.

So please read our coverage, and watch this space!

Supreme & National
Here at OUR CATS, we speak to many exhibitors, both at shows, by email and on the phone. One of the questions I am asked at present is about the big two at the end of the year.

As year, we have no real information to offer and do not know when schedules will be available. Unconfirmed reports suggest a move of halls for the Supreme from the ones used in recent years. A press release on the subject from GCCF would be welcome.

Since the withdrawal of sponsorship by Whiskas in recent years, there has been a considerable impact on these two shows in particular. Big gaps appeared in the trade area and the shows took on a rather ‘different’ look. I do wonder sometimes whether enough is done to replace any lost sponsorship with other sources of income, primarily paying visitors on the door, as not only do they bring in cash, but they could be the next generation of show people. They also help to boost the coffers of the trade stands that still support the shows.

Crufts is a fantastic example of a breeders’ event selling itself, with over 130,000 visitors in four days at the NEC. They have a vibrant marketing and PR team who ensure the press is well briefed and taken care of, and provide an attractive package of publicity and ticket offers to tempt people into attending what has become a good day out.

Maybe there are lessons to be learnt here - why not even attend Crufts to promote cat shows? There are many people who cross over between cats and dogs, or who run a cattery as well as boarding kennels. Many of the trade stands have cat and dog products, foods, etc.

Closer to home, I know a man who also runs Britain’s best dog newspaper... maybe we could arrange some crossover promotion. Now is the time to act, NOT in November!

30th Anniversey for Lincolnshire C.C

The Lincolnshire Cat Club celebrated its 30th Anniversary at their show on Saturday, 8 July. Our photo by Vince Hogan shows some of the Committee about to cut the specially-made cake on the morning of the show. A full report and photos will appear in a forthcoming issue.

What is this man doing at the Lincolnshire Cat Club, and what is the Swedish connection? More will be revealed in forthcoming issues of OUR CATS.

More Section Winners from the Lincs. will be featured exclusively in a forthcoming issue of OUR CATS.

Maine Coon Cat Club comes of age
Celebrating its 21st Birthday, the 2006 Maine Coon Cat Club Championship Show took place on 24th June at the Rawlett Community Sports Centre in Tamworth. 105 cats were entered in the Show.

Imperial Grand Premier Keoka Topeak, owned by Tania Murray and bred by David Brinicombe, was crowned Overall Best in Show on a day when the Club celebrated its 21st with cakes to mark the occasion. A full report will follow in the next issue.

Burmese Show hits 25
The Burmese Cat Club Show reached its quarter-century when it held its 25th Championship Show on 24th June at the Bletchley Leisure Centre in Milton Keynes. Overall Best In Show was taken by Gr Pr Hypnos Diamonique.

Robert Fox (Photographer)

OUR CATS and Hills Official Photographer at GCCF Shows, also Official Photographer of Champion & Grand Champion Winners at shows for Royal Canin, will be attending the following:

15/07/06 - EAST SUSSEX CC, Angel Lane, Tonbridge.

05/08/06 - EASTERN COUNTIES CS, Kings Lynn, Norfolk.

19/08/06 - THREE COUNTIES CC, Southampton.

Thornbury, Bristol.

02/09/06 - HERTS & MIDDX CC, Luton.

09/09/06 - WYVERN CC, Kings Heath, Birmingham.

23/09/06 - SOUTH WESTERN COUNTIES CC, Torquay,

21/10/06 - KENTISH CS, Maidstone, Kent.

Telephone 01323 484282 - www.photopaws.co.uk

Corrections & Apologies

Apologies from Judge Jane Allen after the following critique was inadvertently omitted from her Bedford & District Cat Club Show report on 29 April 2006.

EXOTIC SELF ADULT FEMALE: 1 CC, BOB, ROGERS MOROMOU VENUS 70 15. Sweet young female with reasonable top of head and quite neat ears. Round eyes of nice dense orange colour. Wide cheeks with a short, broad nose. Good depth of chin and acceptable bite. Quite a cobby frame with nice weight and a short, rounded end tail. Quite a dense coat that was starting to moult. Well shown and generally needing a little more maturity for final balance.

IN OUR CATS, 19 May, Issue No. 1090, a mistake was made in Mr John Walker’s report on the Surrey & Sussex CA Show. In the AC Persian Self Limit Adult class, Mrs Rogers MOROMOU VENUS was described as being a Black Exotic boy. MOROMOU VENUS is in fact a female. Apologies for this error.

Apologies from Judge Mary Kalal after the following critique was inadvertently omitted from her report. GR CH MAKEITSO ANNIKA HANSEN, owned by Peter and Yvonne Barnes, was awarded Extra 2nd at the Bedford & District Cat Club Show on 29 April 2006.

‘A pretty female with a firm, lithe body, long legs with oval tufted paws and long tapering tail with a full brush. Ears large, tufted and wide set, balanced head showing gentle contours, break to profile, rounded muzzle with indentation, good chin and level bite.

Eyes large, full almond shape and golden colour. Silky coat, well ticked and showing rich colouring with a bright apricot base-coat, pigmentation markings on her face. Excellent condition and presentation’.