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New Verm-X Parasite Control for Cats

Ideal for conscientious owners who want to adopt the natural way of repelling parasites, Verm-X for Cats provides an effective way of controlling internal parasites, and cats find the new treats irresistible!

The soft, semi-moist meat based treats are designed to be fed daily providing your cat with protective parasite control as well as giving them a tasty treat enabling you to choose the best care for your family pets.

The palatable floret treats are made with only the best unadulterated ingredients. Included in the recipe are real pieces of chicken, beef, liver and catnip together with the Verm-X formula of medicinal herbs.

Verm-X treats can be used as a reward, adding to meals or for use in activity play balls, and are suitable for seniors, adults and kittens.

Cats find the tender treats irresistible, and with 100% catnip included in the recipe, it encourages any cat or kitten to play and exercise, making them ideal for older cats and those prone to weight gain.

Verm-X for Cats is widely used for repelling internal parasites, whilst being gentle on the digestive system. In addition the garlic ingredient can be used alongside conventional pest treatment to deter fleas, ticks, lice and other pests.

Available in a resealable pack of 30 or a keep fresh tub of 120 or 250, Verm-X for Cats is a convenient and effective parasite management system.

As a guideline, each floret is divided into eight segments, a kitten between the age of three and six months can be fed two segments per day, and one half of a floret treat (four segments) daily to a cat over the age of six months.

Founded four years ago by Philip Ghazala, Verm-X is a family owned and run business based in the beautiful rolling countryside of the Brendon Hills.

Said Philip Ghazala of Verm-X: “We pride ourselves on providing a first class world leading product range like Verm-X and we aim to remain a flexible and personal company with an exceptionally efficient service.

“Since the introduction of Verm-X for horses, dogs and poultry customer demand for cats has increased. We are delighted to be providing a convenient yet effective way of controlling parasites!”

A 2 x 30 treat twin pack is available at an introductory special rate of £16, the 120 piece treat keep fresh tub is priced around £30.41 and the 250 treat keep fresh tub is priced around £58.
For any further information or to place an order please contact Verm-X Head Office on 0870 850 2313, email info@verm-x.com or visit www.verm-x.com