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PAT Cat of the Month


TAMSYN Jenkins is an Occupational Therapist who uses her own registered PAT Cat, ‘SUKI’ to help in her work.

Tamsyn writes - Suki has been a PAT Cat for six months now. She comes to work with me at the Mental Health Hospital where I work as an Occupational Therapist on the wards. Suki can have such a calming influence on patients who are agitated or depressed, without the need for medication. She can also bring such joy to elderly patients who can no longer keep pets or simply be a cuddly friend.

The affect of having Suki on the dementia care ward is startling, with very confused people talking to her in such a conversant way which cannot be achieved in 1-1 interactions. It’s as if Suki knows what people are feeling and responds to their needs, be it playing with them or just sitting quietly on a patient’s lap, quietly purring and sharing the peace and tranquility that only a cat can share.

Tamsyn Jenkins

If you would like to register your cat with Pets As Therapy as a PAT Cat and help bring comfort and companionship to many people who are cut off from cats in hospitals, hospices, nursing/residential homes etc, please call Pets As Therapy on 0870 977 0009 or visit the website at www.petsastherapy.org