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By Chris Stalker V.N.


The photograph of Felix, owned by Miss Jones, at the Merseyside Cat Club show, was incorrectly captioned in the Merseyside show feature (OUR CATS, 14 July) – so here he is again!

Mother cat shot in Elgin
BBC Scotland’s website carried the following sad story on 4 July. A cat in Elgin whose leg was amputated after being shot is having to nurse her new kittens. One-year-old Thunder had five kittens, just days before being hit by an air weapon. Owner Katrina Smith, 24, told the BBC Scotland news website: “It’s very upsetting. But she is coping remarkably well. Whoever did it needs punishing.” Grampian Police also condemned the culprits and appealed for anyone with information to contact them.

The shooting happened on the night of Monday, 26 June in the Gisbourne Court area. Ms Smith, a mother of two young boys, said: “Thunder came in and was limping so we took her to the vet as we thought she had been bitten. They discovered she had been shot.

“They had to amputate her rear right leg because she has kittens, she would have needed rods in her leg and the kittens might have been injured. It’s very upsetting that someone can do that to a cat. It could have been a child. To describe how I feel would not be a polite word. Whoever did it needs punishing.”

Grampian Police investigating officer Constable Catherine Smith said: “We are treating this incident seriously and prompt pet owners in the area to be mindful of the safety of their pets. I cannot imagine what satisfaction anyone would get by carrying out an act such as this. Someone out there knows who did this, a friend, relative or someone who was in the area at the time. I am appealing to these people to come forward, anonymously if need be, so that we can deal appropriately with this mindless person.”

Fire-fighters save a feline family

Earlier this month, one of Oklahoma’s newspapers, The Norman Transcript, carried this heartwarming story.

“Firefighters rescued three kittens from a burning mobile home in west central Norman. All three kittens were reportedly in good shape, although one required oxygen to survive. Fire Chief James Fullingim said, ‘The first arriving unit reported seeing smoke, and confirmed that all four occupants were out of the home with the exception of the three kittens.’

The firefighters initiated an aggressive attack into the mobile home’s interior while searching for the missing cats. All three kittens were located and brought outside, where Capt. Dennis Mitchell administered oxygen to revive one of them. It took 13 Fire-fighters about ten minutes to extinguish the fire, which was contained to one room.”

The photo right, by Assistant Fire Chief Bob Bledsoe, shows Fire Capt. Dennis Mitchell working to resuscitate a kitten, assisted by Driver Tim McDermott (in background).

Can you help?
I recently heard from Zonya Brittain-Murray, who runs the Bourton House Cat & Kitten Rescue in Sedgely, West Midlands. Like so many shelters, Zonya’s is full of rescue cats and kittens this summer. Zonya is struggling to keep going due to the lack of funds. Two of her stalwart helpers, Janet and Michele Haynes, have been unable to run their usual stalls at the shows because of Janet’s poor health. If anyone can help with fundraising or would like to send a donation, please contact Zonya at 191 Wolverhampton Road, Sedgley, West Midlands DY3 1QR, telephone 01902 882296.

Correct contacts for DEFRA
My thanks to Marcia Owen for the following information:

1. The ONLY telephone number/email/address that should be used for any queries to do with this proposed legislation should be 0207 904 6576 or 0207 904 6577 as per detailed on the Consultation Document. Email aw-transport@... Postal address Welfare in Transport Implementation Team, Animal Welfare Division, Defra, 1a Page Street, London SW1P 4PQ.


2. Taking kittens to the vets for inoculations MAY well fall within the regulation and require authorisation because this journey could be deemed to contribute towards an economic activity. Sick animals however will not fall within the legislation.

3. Pet breeders taking entire animals to cat shows has not yet been clearly defined (which is what we are trying to do) so may well fall within the regulations.

4. Individual people CAN submit their own comments on any of the questions on the scope document, though for specific arguments the greater number supporting it will give it more chance of succeeding, i.e. through clubs, organisations etc
So please ONLY deal with the above contact details that Marcia advises (above) and you will be assured of accurate feedback.

Gwynedd Cat Club Show
Congratulations to Gr Ch Velvetjewels Cullinan, Overall BIS at the Gwynedd Cat Club Show! Thank you to everyone at the Gwynedd Cat Club for putting on a great show on 15 July. I had a lovely day and will be writing up my show feature next month.