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Shows in full swing
As the weather hots up, so does the show season as we all do the rounds of the many shows in the summer season. I know how the judges must feel as often I have to check the diary to see where I am next…I even have to check where I am sometimes, when I’ve arrived! (Although Helen Marriott Power will always remind me what part of the country I am in, and it’s still rarely South of Watford!)

The lovely Lincoln Showground was the first port of call since coming back from Ireland, and what an ideal spot it is for a show. You get a feeling of green openness when you drive up. The show had an increased entry and was celebrating its 30th anniversary, as we showed in our recent stop press photos on page 2 in the last issue.

A nice touch was the minute’s silence for breeder Del Anderson who had recently passed away.
Congratulations to all you Lincolnshire Imps for a great day and good luck for the future, although Our Cats believes there may be a temporary switch of venues just for one year due to logistical problems with the showground. The committee have promised to let us know as soon as they get further details, which we will announce in Our Cats.

Wherever it is, Our Cats hopes to attend the Lincs again in 2007 for the Pearl show, plus one! This year’s photo feature will be appearing shortly in Our Cats. (PS The cake was very tasty Chris!)

Somewhere near Wirral
So next on the tour was Queensferry – well, at least it’s in a different country, somewhere to the left of the Wirral! If you are not sure of the area, just watch the golf (you may have done by the time this goes to press) from Hoylake. It’s in the vicinity, and a good job the show didn’t clash as the traffic for the golf will be immense on the bypass.

Judge Mrs Haartman (left) from Holland is pictured alongside steward Steve Harkin. The Brown-Spotted Bengal, LORINA COEUR DE LEON, is owned by Mrs J. Sheldon.

A really busy show with an entry of over 300 cats, penning by Malcolm’s Penning, a judge from Holland, an actual BIS (I like that at shows...it gives an air of completion to an event!) and lots of Welsh T-Shirts, logos and dragons, and a great touch with a lovely medallion for BOB winners. There was even a little Welsh maid selling raffle tickets, a great prop for Our Cats photos!

A big plus for this show was the Hall Manager’s decision to allow the exhibitors to shop around the perimeter whilst judging was taking place in the morning - nice one Nigel! This helps the trade people, gives folks something to do after the morning coffee and generally keeps things ticking over nicely. It never seems to cause any problems. When shows close so quickly after 4pm (as this one did about 4.20ish) it at least gives people a chance to shop and browse in comfort.

I sometimes think exhibitors gang up on Show Managers. Even though it was cooler inside the hall than out on Saturday, the creeping cat boxes started to emerge on the pen tops about 4pm, even though there were still show things to be done. Give ’em a break folks! One of the worst things ever at dog shows was when early removals were allowed. Many shows are now dead by 2pm in the afternoon, with just a clutch of hardy souls staying for the group judging at the end. Enjoy the day, don’t worry about getting out 20 minutes early, let the traffic die down!

Again, Our Cats will be featuring this show with a report and photos by Chris Stalker, and an odd pic thrown in from the Hogan camera. Some are already on view on the excellent Our Cats website - click the running message at the top of the home page. Thanks again to Nigel and Marie, Carol, Liz, Dorothy T and all the gang for being so helpful to Our Cats once more.

Supreme & National
Thanks to all the folks who came over to comment on my last piece on the ‘Big Two’. Again at Gwynedd I fielded a lot of questions on how, when and where etc.

Here’s an idea: could the organisers of both shows email me some basic details and a logo and I’ll produce a factsheet for Our Cats to hand out at shows to anyone interested in making an entry, attending etc etc. I know you cannot let us have schedules yet, but there is a market out there awaiting your information. You know where I am, and we are here to help.

North West Cat Show
Here’s a case in point. Jennifer, the Assistant Show Manager, gave me a box of schedules for this popular North West show in the morning at Gwynedd, and within two hours the exhibitors had snapped them up. I could also tell lots of local people about another big show in the area as I had all the info to hand.

Send your entries to Lesley Muffitt and the team in the usual way for the show in Altrincham on 30 September, or I believe there is an entry form online this year. Don’t do a last-minute entry on this one, as the hall is often filled and you don’t want to be disappointed. The Our Cats team looks forward to seeing you there as well.

Physical schedules are now available on receipt of a large SAE, from the Show Manager, Lesley Muffitt, The Laurels, Spenbrook, Newchurch in Pendle, Burnley, Lancashire BB12 9JH or download your own here:


Chester & North Wales
Although it’s too late to enter, readers should be aware that the Chester and North Wales Show is back at the Northgate Arena. Here are the details as taken from the club website: The 25th Silver Anniversary Championship Show is on 12 August at the Northgate Arena.

Further details can be obtained from the Show Manager, Mrs. Christine Titterington, 55 Thornhill Road, Garswood, Wigan, Lancs, WN4 0SR. Tel: 01942 271420.

Our Cats hopes to be there and we also have plans to attend the following shows, although further announcements will be made in our next issue:

Vince Hogan, Editor in Chief

Come and visit the Our Cats stand at the forthcoming shows:

The Northgate Arena, Chester

The Leisure Centre, Spennymoor, Co. Durham

Kings Heath, Birmingham

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We also carry a range of books and DVDs plus the Cat Show Planner and back issues for those missing reports.

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Robert Fox (Photographer)
OUR CATS and Hills Official Photographer at GCCF Shows, also Official Photographer of Champion & Grand Champion Winners at shows for Royal Canin, will be attending the following:

05/08/06 - EASTERN COUNTIES CS, Kings Lynn, Norfolk.

19/08/06 - THREE COUNTIES CC, Southampton.

Thornbury, Bristol.

02/09/06 - HERTS & MIDDX CC, Luton.

09/09/06 - WYVERN CC, Kings Heath, Birmingham.

23/09/06 - SOUTH WESTERN COUNTIES CC, Torquay,

21/10/06 - KENTISH CS, Maidstone, Kent.

Telephone 01323 484282 - www.photopaws.co.uk

Corrections & Apologies

IN the last issue of OUR CATS (14 July, No. 1094) it was stated in the report on the Northern Ireland Cat Club on page 13 that the Best in Section Oriental winner was Mr C. Dryden. This was incorrect. Michelle Linton was the Oriental winner with her cat Ch Shadowsquad Chynnah. OUR CATS apologises for this error.

IN OUR CATS issue 1094 it was stated that Hirst’s Ch Valpetina Gorgeous Gussie (16) was a Best of Variety winner at the Merseyside Show. The correct winner was Moore’s Ch Valpetina Heidi Razzamataz (21). Gorgeous Gussie’s full correct title is Grand Premier Valpetina Gorgeous Gussie.