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Lost cat finds new home

A lost cat had a happy ending when he was found by Meriel France, Education and Animal Care Manager at the Pet Care Trust in Bedford. The black and white cat, nicknamed Bradshaw, was discovered on wasteland next to a motorway service station when Meriel was on her way home from work.

“There were no houses or buildings nearby and the area was surrounded by busy roads and a dangerous railway line. I was certain Bradshaw had lost his way and I couldn’t just leave him there,” Meriel explained. “After checking with service station staff, I took him to be scanned to see if he was microchipped. Unfortunately he was not, and so his owners could not be contacted.”

Throughout June, the Kennel Club is co-ordinating National Microchipping Month to raise awareness of the benefits of microchipping - an inexpensive form of permanent identification that cannot be altered or removed once implanted.

The process is quick and painless and gives added peace of mind to any owner. Microchips can be implanted by a variety of pet care professionals across the UK including some grooming salons and kennels and catteries.

Petlog is the UK’s largest pet reunification service in the UK, providing a wide range of services for owners of microchipped animals. For more information, visit www. petlog.org.uk or telephone 0870 606 6751.

Bradshaw has since been happily re-homed in Bristol where he has bonded with another cat and they are now inseparable. Meriel concluded: “Bradshaw is a lovely cat who has fortunately found a good home. However, I am sure his original owners miss him dearly and wonder what happened to him. A simple inexpensive microchip would have reunited them.”