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Cats Protection sponsor new book

Ringpress Books (a division of Interpet Publishing) has launched a very informative and unique book on cat ownership focusing on the special needs of the rescued cat. The NEW book titled Living With a Rescued Cat, by Claire Horton-Bussey, has been produced in conjunction with the UK’s leading feline welfare charity Cats Protecion. Ten per cent of the publisher’s net receipts for the book are donated to Cats Protection, thus helping rescue and re-home even more cats and kittens.

The Cats Protection charity find homes for around 60,000 cats and kittens every year, through a network of 29 adoption centres and 260 voluntary-run branches across the country.

The charity have been very involved with producing the content, and in the production of Living With a Rescued Cat. The Cats Protection Chief Executive, Helen Ralston, has written a personal message as an introduction/foreward to the book.

Living With a Rescued Cat will help cat owners live in harmony with their pet enjoying the delights of companionship and the fun a cat can bring. The book guides the reader through every stage of the procedure, from choosing a rescue organisation, finding the right cat, to settling their new friend in, and the house training process. The new book also serves as a usefull reference book for all cat owners.

Living With a Rescued Cat gives tips on preparing a home for the new arrival, diatary and training advice is given, with behaviour and health care covered in some depth. Aside from first-class advice, this book is interspersed with real-life case histories from people who have opened their doors (and hearts) to a rescued cat.

Living With a Rescued Cat has a suggested retail price of £7.99. The book is hard-backed (228mm x 152mm) with 144 pages and over 80-colour illustrations. It contains plenty of text giving people an alround knowledge of cat care, behaviour and health. Commonly seen illnesses and diseases are covered as well as the serious infections which are protected by regular vaccination.

If a complete novice took all the information on board this book contains, they would become really quite knowledgeable on cat care and behaviour.