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Lincoln Cat Care - (June News)

At last we’ve received our charity number so those of you wishing to leave us all (well some) of your worldly possessions can now organise it. Likewise, those of you imagining us jetting off to warmer climes with the loot can now give to the funds without worry.

For a small local rescue we certainly seem to bring in more than our share of problem, pregnant or older cats. The number of kittens which peaked at 52 has begun to lessen, then bang, another litter arrives. I believe it’s because people know our beliefs and policies and support them. There’s a home out there for each one, it’s just finding it!

It’s been a sad month. I lost two elderly cats that I was looking after (they did pass away without help or pain at home), we lost three from our waiting list through kidney problems and to cap it all the surviving kitten from the litter was found shot. Penny is caring for the little kitten and it seems to be coming along OK. Thanks to the driver who stopped, scared off the kids with the gun, and brought the poorly survivor to Penny.

Thanks to everyone that gave so generously to the quarantine cats. Their future is secure now and should we move into excess I’m sure that the donors wouldn’t object to their kindness helping other poorly cats. Thanks to Faye who is bravely carrying out a parachute jump in June to help the cats. Thanks to Andrea who completed the 10k and raised £124; as with Faye, rather them than me!

We have a band of stalwarts who sort and price our donated goods in two lock-ups. It would be great to be in a position to afford a small unit or a shop but at present our income is pushed to keep up with the bills for the cats. As you are aware all of our income is spent on the cats and it’s always a difficult decision as to when you can afford to take on premises.

There would be tremendous benefits, especially to our ladies with frozen tootsies, but it is a big regular chunk to find. It is frustrating also to see charities with shops, vans and employed staff when they are not seemingly spending much on the cats. Our figures are always available to anyone who wishes to see them; perhaps people ought to ask to see how the finances are managed before they donate.

As of today we have found homes for 137 cats this year. The expenses with the various veterinary practises are still very high, but that’s what we raise the money for.

We’ve financed 120 neuterings and ten major operations. This does not include the everyday injuries and illnesses. It’s a great shame that other rescues don’t seem to consider neutering as vital to the future of cats and promote it more. The high number of kittens this year would not have been so huge if other neutering programmes were in place. Also the high number of cats awaiting a space in a rescue would not have grown had the spaces not been filled with litters.

As always, thanks go to everyone who has supported in any way, we never take this for granted and are reassured by that support. Please remember that everything you donate makes a real difference. See you in July (where is this year going!)