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Show Managers - please note!
The very last of the show packs for show managers were posted from the OUR CATS offices last week, with the exception of the Supreme and the National.

That means you should have lots of information about what we are doing at OUR CATS (INCLUDING NEWS ON HOW TO BOOK A PAGE FOR YOUR CLUB IN THE ANNUAL 2007), what we need to help us cover your shows and, most importantly, the letters to the judges for their reports.

As I said recently, we have reduced the number of prepaid envelopes being supplied as snail mail is less popular within the judging fraternity nowadays, which brings me on to another subject..........

Judges’ reports
We recently conducted a sweep of all remaining queries on show reports in 2005 and, fingers crossed, it looks like we have cleared the decks of what we had received. So if you see an odd one from 2005 in the next issue, it’s just a mopping-up operation.

That leaves us with 2006 and of course our new departure with a split system. We know judges and exhibitors like to get their reports in as quickly as possible. We have improved dramatically over the old days when you may be waiting over three months for publication on a regular basis.

Judges are allowed up to four weeks by GCCF to submit their reports and as a combination of the speedy judges e-mailing to us, and our new section, we are rapidly improving this turnaround.

The more judges who send in by email, the better. We have refined the system in-house and you only have to look in the E-MAIL EXTRA to see what we mean. Again, however, we are going to have a couple of issues where we play catch-up and sweep through any remaining reports from early 2006 as well as banging on with the e-mailers. Watch this space.

Show news
Thank you to all my hardy readers who have followed my geographical ramblings of late... showing cats, dogs or whatever, you do get into the habit of getting on the motorways and going into show mode.

OUR CATS photographer Robert Fox ever alert for that special picture of your fabulous felines.

Who needs sat nav? Glad to have helped Eva (lost of Newport Pagnall) at the last two shows, and apologies to anyone from Birkenhead or Ellesmere Port for my regionalised faux pas. Next off to Lincoln I think, with the imps, and then back to North Wales and Gwynedd. Lincoln details are all on their website, although entries have just closed at the end of May - another lovely show and delightful showground.

In between, I have to do a dog show as well! There is a massive event in Helsinki where I will be for five days... I’ll even miss England’s first game in the World Cup.

Merseyside success
Merseyside was a smashing day for all, and fantastic weather judging by all the red-skinned exhibitors who returned into the hall at 1pm. More of the show in our main feature a few weeks down the line, but in the meantime my thanks to all the team including Pam Beaumont, Lilly, Jenny, Heather the PR girl and official cake maker, Sandra D and poor Steve Lovelady - the only man around. The Epic Centre is proving to be a good move for the club, better on costs and very accessible with good parking and a terrific lunch for the workers. Penning by MF, brother Ian this time, with pen numbers provided by the catalogue people, packed with details on each cat. Great stuff.

Some good wins on the day, especially when Pat Perkins decided on the ticket winners in Bengals (what happened at Somerset?) for the first time ever. Lots of tears of joy for the owners. Then it was all topped off with a BIS judging which I always like, as it provides the show with a natural conclusion.

So thanks again to everyone at Merseyside for the friendly welcome. Hope to see you next year.
Now where’s my Finnish phrase book....................?

Letters to the editor
Please write to me! Well if not to me, to the Fancy at large. I want to rekindle the excellent letters page where you all have a chance to air your views.

We will have a new section called SOAPBOX where you can e-mail in - even just 20 words - to get something off your chest.

A few rules: no libel, no swearing, no personal vendettas, don’t get me into trouble with GCCF or similar (sounds like I’m taking out all the fun here!), and include your contact details so we know it’s a genuine letter (we do check!).

E-mail in to Rob at the address in the panel on this page. Let’s see what’s bugging you out there!

Vince Hogan - Editor-in-Chief

Come and visit the Our Cats stand at the forthcoming shows:

Lincolnshire Exhibition Centre Showground - 8th July 2006

Deeside Leisure Centre - 15th July 2006

The North Gate Arena - 12th August 2006

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We also carry a range of books and DVDs plus the Cat Show Planner and back issues for those missing reports.

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Robert Fox (Photographer)
OUR CATS and Hills Official Photographer at GCCF Shows, also Official Photographer of Champion & Grand Champion Winners at shows for Royal Canin, will be attending the following:

Chepstow, Monmouthshire.

08/07/06 - LINCOLNSHIRE CC, Grange de Lings, Lincoln.

15/07/06 - EAST SUSSEX CC, Angel Lane, Tonbridge.

05/08/06 - EASTERN COUNTIES CS, Kings Lynn, Norfolk.

19/08/06 - THREE COUNTIES CC, Southampton.

Thornbury, Bristol.

02/09/06 - HERTS & MIDDX CC, Luton.

09/09/06 - WYVERN CC, Kings Heath, Birmingham.

23/09/06 - SOUTH WESTERN COUNTIES CC, Torquay,

21/10/06 - KENTISH CS, Maidstone, Kent.

Corrections & Apologies

In Marc Henrie’s show feature on the Bedford & District Cat Club, issue 1091, 2nd June, a caption under one of the pictures was incorrect. Mr & Mrs R. & C. H. Stanaway’s BIS Longhair, CH & PR BUNCHILLIE MR BOJANGLES was described as an Orange-Eyed White. He is in fact a Red Shaded Cameo Persian. Apologies for this error.

Also in The Bedford & District Cat Club show feature there is a photograph of the Best Siamese winner IMP GR PR TIANLEX FULL MONTY owned by Dr Jane Muir-Taylor. This photo is not Monty. A photo of Monty, taken by Lisa Aggett is printed here. Apologies for the error