The Joint Rex BAC Seminar 2006
7th May - Kings Sutton, Oxon

In spite of the weatherman’s pessimistic forecast, the sun shone as we drove towards Kings Sutton.

Andy and Ian from MF Penning were there ready and waiting and in less than an hour had pens and seating all arranged. What stars! Nothing to do now but wait for Julia May to arrive. I’d planned vetting-in to start at 11am and when the hour came and then went I began to get a little anxious as I had ever-increasing cats but no vet.

I tried to contact Julia’s chauffeur, one John Hansson, but without success. I was just beginning to wonder if I would ever see either of them again when like the cavalry coming over the hillside, they arrived!

With the cats vetted and penned the Ocicat Club set about feeding the five thousand, well sixty-odd at least.

The Seminar consisted of the following breeds: Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, LaPerm, Selkirk Rex and Sphynx and, armed with camera and PC, we had the talented James Boswell to take pictures of them all.

Each session lasted 25 minutes, after which time each group rotated round to the next breed. Having organised many multi-breed seminars, I had several Judges who had attended most of these and were old hands, but unfortunately I had a lot of new people that weren’t, nor could they read my mind when I didn’t tell them what to do when the first session finished. However, having sorted them out and put the lost souls back with the groups they started with, everybody soon got the hang of it and the seminar progressed without further incident.

Unfortunately when judging at shows, time does not often give Full Judges and Candidates on the scheme the opportunity to talk and discuss the breeds with the owners, but the BAC was fortunate to have experienced Cornish and Devon Rex breeders present within each group to discuss the merits (or otherwise!) of both sets of exhibits.

The newer breeds each had a speaker. Anne Gregory gave a talk on the “cuckoo in the nest”, namely the Selkirk Rex. Although possessing a rexed coat, the differences in type and body formation between the Selkirk and the other breeds present are legion, as Anne explained. Anne also distributed leaflets detailing the differences between all the Rex breeds (these are available from myself or Anne on receipt of an sae).

In the LaPerm corner, John Hansson discussed the type and coat of the breed. The Standard of Points having recently been amended, emphasis was on coat texture and John gave people the opportunity to experience the springy quality the LaPerm coat should have.

Several attendees not previously having had the chance to see and learn about Sphynx were given the ideal opportunity as Angela Rushbrook and Jan Plumb, who were the first to import the breed to the UK in 1988, gave those present the benefit of their 18 years breeding and exhibiting experience. The Sphynx showed themselves to perfection and there were several comments on how fascinating the breed was.

It was an interesting afternoon, if a trifle warm with so many bodies, both feline and human, but I hope everybody enjoyed themselves and went away with more knowledge of the breeds present than they came in with.

Hilary Dean, Joint Rex BAC Secretary

Joyce Green discussing the merits of Devon Rex, GR CH CHICHI RADAR FLEDERMAUS.

Jennifer Pinches with the very lovely Devon Rex, GR CH & IMP UK GR PR ORABILL GRIZELDA.

Cornish Rex, CH DIADEMHILL GODZUKI, caught whispering sweet nothings into Colin Read’s ear.

CHICHI MORTIMER, a Sphynx cat, displaying himself to full advantage in the arms of Angela Rushbrook.

What a big boy! Anne Gregory holds Selkirk Rex CURLU BRHETT aloft.

John Hansson, with the help of LaPerm, CLOUDBORN BARLEYCORN, asks the audience to feel the coat of a SH LaPerm.