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Carole Ashurst
THE Erin Cat Club were saddened to hear about the recent passing of Mrs Carole Ashurst.
Carole was a past President of the Erin Cat Club and as well as being a well known GCCF judge during the years she resided in Northern Ireland, she was a friend and adviser to many members of the Cat Fancy.

Our deepest sympathy goes out to her daughters, Mandy and Karen, family and friends.

Sharon Canmore, Secretary

THE Officers, Committee and Members of the Ulster Siamese & All Breeds Cat Club were greatly saddened to learn of the recent death of their esteemed Member, Carole Ashurst, after a long fight against cancer.

She will be a great loss to the Cat Fancy, being an excellent and highly respected Persian/Birman Judge, fair and honest at all times. She was always willing to chat and advise exhibitors, new and old alike, and was totally supportive to all the Northern Ireland Clubs.

Her Sunday after-show lunches for Judges and workers were famous for both food and craic shared. We will all miss her as a Judge, colleague and friend.

Our heartfelt sympathy and sincere condolences go to her daughters, Mandy and Karen.

Hilary McKeague, Hon Secretary USABCC

Anthea Whitehouse
THE Korat Cat Association has lost its Chairman. Anthea Whitehouse died suddenly and unexpectedly on 12th May. She had arrived for work as usual at the local Citizens Advice office, a job she loved and excelled at, and the next colleague to arrive found her. She was 64, had recently had a hip operation and had blossomed after it. I’m sure she anticipated many more cat-filled years.

The Committee will miss her so much because she was absolutely rock-steady, reliable and full of good sense. She was a calming influence and guide. It was Anthea that could usually see a way through when tempers were fraying and things needed sorting. Any Korat crisis and I’d call Anthea to chew things over, and now she’s gone and I’ll never be able to do that again. I think the gap that’s left is what hurts most.

Anthea had owned Korats, which she had bred and shown successfully for over 20 years. Her name will be on many a pedigree and her breeding prefix ‘Hibreeze’ is known amongst Korat breeders worldwide. Her foundation queen, Ch Mangsahan Charlotte (Brat), was in the first cluster to gain a title after Championship status was gained, and so began a love for the breed that was to last for the rest of her life. Anthea loved her cats. If family and friends dared hint she had more than enough, she would say that was a matter of choice, she had the home and lifestyle she wanted.

She had served the breed club for most of the time, indeed had taken yet another annual meeting as Chairman just at the end of April and was the Association’s Welfare Officer. I know she was looking forward to stewarding at the Foreign Seminar on 3rd June. Anthea will also be remembered for working with the Thai cats of Ianthe Cormack’s legacy and sharing their bloodlines widely, as had been wished. She introduced many a newcomer to Korats and their special charms and positively enjoyed the bonds of friendship, mutual admiration of the breed created here and in other countries.

I’m so glad that in the last five years or so a love of Korats gave Anthea a chance to travel widely. We met up with other breeders in Europe and crossed to the USA a time or two as well. I have a picture of her, glass of wine in hand, gazing out across a sunny Californian vineyard. She struggled at times because of her hip, but made sure she joined in everything. Her warmth and friendliness, coupled with a dry sense of humour and ready laugh, made her a wonderful travelling companion, as well as a much-loved friend.

Those who loved her said their farewells at a simple ceremony in Colwyn Bay on 23rd May. There was standing room only as so many wanted to pay their last respects to this lovely lady. My thanks to all for the messages and cards to the KCA, which have been passed on to Brian and the family.

Jen Lacey, KCA Secretary