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Change of address
WOULD all my friends, fellow judges and Show Managers please note my change of address:
The Flat, 2 Station Road, Kintbury, Hunderford, Berkshire RG17 9UP. Telephone 01488 608493
Carolyn Davies

WOULD exhibitors please accept my apologies for the lateness of a few of my show critiques appearing in OUR CATS, as I have recently been in hospital for a few weeks, and so have a few reports to catch up on.
Des Leigh, GCCF Judge

Breeders please be aware!
I FEEL that other breeders should be aware of a statement made to me on the phone by a woman located in the Midlands, when she telephoned me regarding the possibility of buying a Siamese kitten from me as a ‘pet’. During what began as a normal kitten enquiry, I told the woman that my kittens are normally sold on the inactive register.

After I had said this, the woman proceeded to tell me tht she had ’phoned the GCCF office for details of Siamese breeders’, and that they had told her ‘to be careful when purchasing a kitten, as the GCCF had an undercover investigation going on in the Midlands area regarding Siamese breeders who were having their kittens neutered at a young age before leaving for their new homes’.

I said I have never heard such rubbish and telephoned the GCCF office to clarify that this statement was not true, which, of course, they have confirmed. I suspect that this woman is trying to buy a male Siamese on the inactive register with the intention of using him as a stud with her cats. She told me she has 17 cats of various breeds, some of which are crossbred.

In view of the statement the woman made to me, I feel that other breeders should be aware of what her intentions may be. I would be happy to speak to anyone about this if they need further details.

My e-mail address is EasternMysticCats@aol.com and my website www.easternmysticcats.co.uk
Christine Brooks