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Obituary - Anthea Whitehouse

IT WAS with great sadness I learned of the sudden death of Anthea.

As Show Manager of the Korat Cat Association for the past five years, I learned she could be relied upon totally.

If we needed more entries, she would enter as many cats as she could, knowing full well she wouldn’t be able to bring them all.

When we were at a venue where we could do our own catering, she could always be found slaving away in the kitchen making heaps of bacon butties, or up to her elbows in washing-up.
As the show is a shared one, it was always heartening to see how unselfish Anthea was, happy to work, not just for her own club, but for the good of all.

The Korat Cat Association will celebrate its first Championship Show in April next year, and I know it will be tinged with sadness as she won’t be there to share the day, but I am certain she will be wish us in our thoughts.

Lynda Ashmore