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For healthy pets, ask Lucy and Banjo

Recent research* shows that less than half of UK pet owners are worming their cats and dogs the recommended four times a year and only 18 per cent are following veterinary advice and treating pets for fleas once a month.

Worms, fleas and ticks may not be an obvious topic of conversation but they can cause serious illness, not just in our pets but also amongst humans, and so education and awareness are key.
Bayer Animal Health has enlisted the help of a cartoon youngster called Lucy, and her pet dog Banjo, to ensure that easy-to-understand information and advice on parasites is available at the click of a mouse.

The innovative new website – www.Lucyand Banjo.co.uk – has a strong consumer emphasis and creates a child-friendly zone to help pet-owning families better understand how worms, fleas and ticks can impact on their pets, themselves, their home and the outdoor environment.

Bayer Animal Health’s Sabrina Stroud explained: “The new website outlines the benefits of keeping your pet parasite free and recommends a range of prevention and treatment options available from your vet - including new easy-to-administer spot-on solutions for uncooperative pets!”

Lucy and Banjo are joined on the new website - designed to recreate the familiar surroundings of a family home, local park and the all important vet surgery - by Milly the cat, Lucy’s mum and Vanessa, the family’s local vet. The characters were also used in national advertising throughout May on ITV2, to encourage more pet owners to seek advice and information from their local veterinary practice.

Sabrina added: “Our aim is to work with vets to help educate pet owners - resulting in healthier pets and happier owners that can fully enjoy the multitude of benefits that responsible pet ownership brings.”

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