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Concerns for owners of Semi Longhair cats
AT OUR recent AGM, concern was expressed by a large majority of our Members at the cost of hiring a double pen at GCCF Shows.

Many of the SLH breeds are quite large and unsuited for enclosing in a single pen for the duration of a show. A double pen is a must for many of our cats, but we feel we are being unduly penalised by having to pay well over the cost of hiring a double pen at some shows. We understand that some Show Managers will charge large fees to deter the hiring of double pens where space is limited, but we feel this is not always the case.

We feel we had to make Show Managers aware of the concerns of owners of these larger breeds which we, as an Association, represent.

Elaine Harvey, Hon Secretary, Semi Long Hair Cat Association

Lift to shows please!!

PLEASE can anyone in the Shipley, Menston, Guiseley, Bradford, Bingley areas of West Yorkshire give me a lift to the Chester & North Wales cat show and the Teesside cat show.
I will gladly contribute to the ‘petrol fund’.

If anyone can help me, please phone me on 01274 599866 (Baildon) or email me at sarah.helm@tesco.net

Mrs Sarah E. M. Helm, Velvetena Siamese & Orientals

Could OUR CATS readers help please!

THE Cat Haven Rescued Cat Home in Cambridgeshire are appealling for unwanted rosettes.
The voluntary registered charity fundraise continuously for survival and organise fundraising fun dog shows.

If you have any rosettes to donate, the rescue offers to pay postage and packing.

If you can help please telephone Tracey on 01945 482232.

Tracy Reeve

Change of address

WOULD Show Secretaries and Show Managers please note a change of address for GCCF Judge Barbara Boizard-Neil.

The new address is 36 Shreen Way, Gillingham, Dorset SP8 4EL. Tel. 01747 826667. Email bboizard@aol.com

Barbara Boizard-Neil